If you deep dive in the ocean of Hospitality Domain, then you will surely get that it is not limited to Hotel industry but its area of function moves from one service to another whether if we talk about event planning or tourism sector. Just as the expectations of customers are increasing in the current scenario, innovation supporting overall Business functions of Hospitality chains, that not only save the time and money of customers but enhances the overall guest experience in an impressive manner.

Roll Back a Decade, It was a bit tricky to find a good Hotel or Resort around the immediate vicinity, that interests you, especially when you hanging out with your family or friends in a specific attraction and willing to enjoy the service of that place. But with the advancement of ongoing digital trends, they not only find the best one among the rivals but analyze the internal process in one go.

Overseeing the significance of virtual reality in future Hospitality Industry Dean Minett, a Famous Hospitality and Property Specialist says, The guest now has the ability to visit your hotel without leaving home. And this means that the hotelier now has the ability to stand in a guest’s shoes! Imagine having the ability to see what they see, hear what they hear, and even feel what they feel?” 

In this same way as per Booking.com, A Travel Fare Aggregator Website “For families with young children, travelers with anxiety conditions hoping to get a feeling for crowds, or those trying to cram an entire city into a few hours, [virtual reality] tours are invaluable. In the last few years, virtual reality or online tours have been created for cities, landmarks, galleries, and hotels. Whether you want to check out the view from your hotel balcony, see if the distance to the beach is walkable, or just get a feel for a new city, VR can do all of that and more.”

According to the Statista report, 42.62 billion IoT-enabled devices will be connected to the Internet by 2022.

Here in this Post, we will highlight the latest Digital trends that global service pioneers are adopting for always remain on top position in the nearby future:

1) Mobile Applications for Encouraging Potential Customers

With the support of Mobile applications, various Hoteliers are able to provide you the more convenient stay, easier booking and additional benefits for the users. With the help of it, anyone can view and manage the reservations and change them if there’s a need. In addition to this, they are able to get rewards, make requests for a towel and other common pleas.

2) Internet of Things for Automating Efficiency of Operations

The internet of things is a chain of Devices that includes internet connectivity, which turns all appliances into smart one. They can communicate with each other by receiving and sending the Data simultaneously. For Instance, as the guest steps in the Hotel, they will be more able to control room temperature, accessing room service and other Housekeeping functions through the tablets in one go, connected to IoT, provided by Hotel’s operations staff.

3) Virtual Reality for Physical Appearance of Service

As a vital promotional Tool, Virtual reality is emerging the latest technology trend among Hospitality Professionals. With the help of it, Hotel chains and other service Brands can exploit this innovation to show visitors about the virtual environment or preview of room and other attractions of premises of hotels in advance, before a customer book a room on the website.

4) Social Media Management For Continuous Improvement

In this era of cutting edge technology, people rely more on word of mouth promotion and good reviews on the social media pages about a company. At this point in time, a positive comment can accelerate the business, on the other hand, a negative review may easily drive away a customer. That’s why Various Businesses in the hospitality industry are exploiting social media platform to address reviews of previous clients. If the customer had issues at a previous stay, then you can apologize and asks suggestions for further improvement.

5) Hotel Management Technology for Customized Guest Experience

These Days, with the advent of Hotel Management software the Hoteliers, are enabled to track the valuable information about the preferences of guests, not only before they step ahead in premises but during their stay. So you can welcome them the next time when they visit the premises with their favorite brand of coffee or provide the room set at the perfect temperature before they walk in.


So, now it can safely be said that with the association of the current state of technology in the hospitality industry, Hospitality Giants are contributing to the economy of the nation. Apart from this, with the introduction of innovative trends in the sector, tremendous changes can be seen in the upcoming future, when it comes to guest experience with reduced cost, which will surely revolutionize the service Domain. And as a Leading Software development company, Coding Brains offers a full range of IT solutions for various aspects of Hospitality functions.

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