So if you are searching for high-quality Azure web developers, we have got you covered!

Who is an Azure web Developer?
Azure web developers build and manage cloud applications and services while using Microsoft azure. Microsoft Azure is compatible with python, Java, javaScript, C#, and .NET. Azure web developers should at least know one of these languages properly.

The role of Azure web Developer changes depending on what cloud service type the business is choosing to use as it provides a very substantial service. Azure web Developers usually have expertise in Html5, Javascript, and SQL Server. With the help of Azure, you can develop, manage and deploy applications to make your task easier. Azure addresses wide-ranging industries especially in health care, financial services, government, retail, and manufacturing.

According to researchers, Microsoft Azure provides over 600 services. Microsoft Azure has the capacity to supply all three cloud services – SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS

Why should you use Azure?
In the tech industry, infrastructure is a thing of the past and cloud computing is the new trend of the future. Any business owner would want their business to be a part of the future. Azure is applicable in a multitude of scenarios and is a very resourceful service.

Just like other cloud services, the benefit of azure is to finish the unnecessary costs that may go into the development process. Hiring Azure web developers can surely save a lot of your budget.

The company won’t require additional hardware that would thus need power and an operating system.

Disaster Recovery:
Cloud computing always saves you from the risk of any physical damage that may occur through a natural disaster like an earthquake or hurricane. The risk of losing your essential data is saved as the cloud has inbuilt redundancies and it is a very safe approach.

Companies who are using Azure:
• eBay
• Boeing
• Samsung
• Travelocity

What should be expected of Azure Developers?
Azure web developers should be experienced in cloud computing. Experience in Google Cloud or AWS is good. They should have a keen awareness of Microsoft products, especially office 365 and PowerShell which are integrated with Azure. Azure web developers should have the skills to handle any situation effectively and efficiently. It is also expected for an Azure developer to have proficiency in C# and javascript.

In Coding brains, Azure web developers are interviewed and then trained further to become true software professionals, who are very well capable of adapting to situations that are both within and outside of the scope of their general expertise of any company. Coding brains recruit professionals who either show amazing potential or are exceptionally skilled. The company puts in a lot of effort to nurture their talent and then sharpen them further.

By working with coding brains, for a fraction of the cost, you can enjoy a full-time developer who will also provide added project management assistance.

So if you are searching for high-quality Azure web developers, we have got you covered! Coding brains has the resources and knowledge you need to start planning and executing your Azure project today. For any query please get in touch!

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