Without the existence of a customer, no one can imagine a Business. It’s a universal truth that both are the two aspects of the same coin and no Business can run without customers. Only a customer enables a company to get a spirit of Business objective and a way to move on. So, it doesn’t matter what your domain is and what sort of service you offer. You have everything to do with your customer, who is the most important asset for a Business.


In the Present Business scenario, keeping accurate information about customer preferences and requirements can become a crucial task, if it’s about to build a strong relationship with clients that benefits both the parties simultaneously. That’s why, the relationship that a company maintains with a client, determines the future growth of a business operation if it opts a systematic method of collecting Sales leads so that they could be transformed into loyal customers finally, in form of Salesforce CRM System.


Overseeing the importance of CRM Based operations for delivery of products and Service Denis Pombriant, A Famous CRM Analyst, explains “Modern CRM, which uses analytics and a decent model of customer behavior, can spot exceptions…[and] gives a vendor the ability to zero in on customers who really need help and at the same time helps manage scarce resources.”


Here, in this weblog we will let you know why the Salesforce CRM is becoming popular in all aspects of sales and marketing:

1) Collaborate with the Sales Employees through Chatter Function

Chatter is a unique functionality in Salesforce CRM which enables all Sales Personnel to create and build their Job profile page with their updated photographs. Where a Sales manager can manage and view all valuable information about their work-related credentials, explaining responsibilities and duties within the organization, who the executive reports to, where the employee stays and how to contact him if it’s needed.

2) Email Templates to Send Important Information to Customers

Salesforce email templates are very helpful not only for customer service but for sales management as well. They can save a lot of time for the Sales Department if they are organized in a rightful manner. What you have to do is creating customized templates, later on, you can share it with the workforce in the concerning employees. With the support of Email templates in CRM Software, a company will be more able to send valuable information and messages to the various customers instantaneously.

3) Sort Out Customized Data the Way You Wish with Dashboards

Gone are those days when you have to put your precious time in sorting and arranging the database of clients. But with the introduction of smart Dashboard feature in Salesforce customer relationship software, you are enabled to retrieve the information exactly what you want such as what are the figures for sales, the number of prospective clients. Apart from this, you can easily decide how you can graphically illustrate data with various bar diagrams and charts inbuilt in the software.

4) Tracking Performance of Team with Sales Performance Platform

With the inbuilt tool of Sales Performance Management in CRM, a Team Leader can easily keep an eye on the performance and activities of sales executives within the organization. With the usage of it, he would be more capable to evaluate and analyze what specific areas a particular employee needs a suggestion for improvement and when they will be eligible for appraisal.

5) Managing Marketing Programs for Company on Social Channels

A Salesforce customer relationship software can also be utilized for Planning, Managing and Tracking all marketing project of a company, with a campaign option displaying on Dashboard. This feature helps you to organize Google AdWords, Direct email programs, Seminar and controlling various kinds of marketing initiatives across all social media Pages of an organization such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many more.


In Today’s Competitive Environment, managing all Business Functions along with developing a strong relationship with customers is not an easy ride for marketers. At this point in time installing a Customer Relationship Management System would be a wise move by a company, when it comes to exploiting the new ways of Marketing and Sales in an instant manner. And as a Leading Software Development Company, Coding Brains has vast experience in Building Customer Relationship Software. Our dedicated team of trained professionals can help you to deliver a customized solution to Accelerate Sales and Marketing Operations of your Business as a whole.


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Faiz Akhtar
Faiz Akhtar
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