Since the past few years, it has been noticed that augmented reality has been popularizing as a powerful technology to accelerate the operations of a service industry if we only talk about Hotels. This ongoing innovation is truly helpful for the Hospitality Sector because if you look at it, you will surely find that Hotels are promoting their appealing ambiance that can be enhanced more through augmented reality.

Before we move ahead, we have to first understand what exactly Augmented Reality is? It’s nothing just a computer technology that expands the real world environment with the help of digital components in real time on your smartphone.

Analyzing the benefits of Augmented Reality Timothy Donald Cook, CEO of Apple Inc. says, “I’m excited about Augmented Reality because unlike Virtual Reality, which closes the world out, AR allows individuals to be present in the world but hopefully allows an improvement on what’s happening presently.”

Here in this article, we will explain some attractive applications of augmented reality in the Hospitality industry that may provide an edge over rivals:

1) Information about local attractions and places

Various Hoteliers are utilizing AR technology with the wall maps at the hotel rooms. As a guest will point a smartphone at the map, they will be able to see the local places that may interest them.

2) Turning Hotel premises in an amusement area

Introducing augmented reality Games, Hotel operators are making their guest’s stay more exciting because when they play the game on the smartphone they will get an indirect opportunity to explore every nook and corner of premises.

3) Connecting guests with the virtual environment

For engaging more and more clients to the brand, Service pioneers are embracing innovative approaches of augmented reality, for instance, many of them creating the AR method with famous personalities and cartoon characters. That enables the guest to point their Mobile phones and see virtual depictions of them in the hotel.

4) Personalized experience with digital food menus

With the support of 3D augmented reality, a guest on the dinner table can have virtual representations of offered dishes and local delicacies using smartphones, which improves customer engagement to the service for long.

5) The communicating workforce within the Hotel

Using AR technology receptionists can get SMS alerts when a guest is approaching towards the front desk. Furthermore, the housekeeping staff will have information to clean the room as guest check-out.

Before wrapping up I would like to say that in this tech age everyone is updated with the ongoing innovations and so does your target community especially the millennial segment that is always ready to explore exciting places around the world with higher disposable income.

At this scenario, if they use the Augmented Reality App of your service, then they would be more capable to have the best views of your hotel room. And as a Leading Mobile Application Development company, Coding Brains has vast exposure in creating interactive AR applications as well.

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