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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Human beings are capable of cognitive abilities, but working with Artificial intelligence means that it would outperform humans at every task. A few examples of artificial Intelligence are SIRI, self-driving cars etc. The question here arises, in the long term what is going to happen if the quest for a strong Artificial intelligence system succeeds and the AI system becomes much more efficient and better than Humans at all cognitive tasks. People pose many different questions to the following agenda, some have the view that Artificial Intelligence is going to be beneficial to the majority and others say that whether it will really come into existence or not.

Artificial Intelligence becomes dangerous only if the goal does not go hand in hand with each other. The concern is not malevolence but competence because that is the only thing that poses a concern here. The most important thing that needs to be remembered is that the safety of Humanity is the highest thing.

According to the JAIR (Journal of artificial intelligence research) provide agents and multi-agent systems, automated reasoning, constraint processing and research an upheaval of techniques by 20 per cent in the year forward that is 2021.

Why Artificial Intelligence is the future? 

Artificial Intelligence is the most modern Industry, whose objective is to perform functions using data and trained models. These are also called Deep Learning or Machine Learning.

In the past few months or let us say years because of robust IOT Data collection has taken another level and has become very popular now.

Let us look at the Impact that Artificial Intelligence has on our present-day lives:

Health care: It is possible to diagnose diseases more quickly and it has also helped in creating a more personalized experience for the patient.

Transportation: There will be a time when autonomous cars will take us from place to place. This has already started happening and it may shoot up in the coming few years.

Manufacturing: A lot of industrial companies are dependent on AI for assembly, stacking and analysis artificial intelligence plays a huge role in making things happen and taking things forward.

Education: With the help of AI, textbooks are designed to help the student study faster and create interesting techniques.

Customer service: Google is working on an AI assistant who is going to understand the needs of the customer and respond accordingly.

Media: The time is not far when AI will take over MEdia completely; right now it has a very big hand in creating 3700 reports per year, according to a study.

We all know that companies are spending a billion dollars making Artificial intelligence a more important and prominent part of the respective sector. Developments are bounds to happen, some are merely theoretical and some might remain so.

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