The hospitality industry is starving for the “innovation” for decades. Thank God! They have realized that it is not only the real estate and infrastructure, the only concern left for them. It is enough of big lush green outfields, swimming pools, and comfortable beds etc. Instead, they have realized that technology is all the new concern for the development of the hospitality industry.

Later this year, Cyril Ranque, the President of Lodging Partner Services at Expedia, said:

“The traveler customer journey is full of challenges, hurdles, and complexity for customers. Technology can solve all of this,” he also added, “So, I think we’re really rapidly tapping all these steps of the travel journey and making it more and more seamless, more and more friction-less. Really solving customer problems, and through technology, when you solve customer problems, you delight them more, make them repeat more, make them spend more.”

Here, we just look at the changes what we are going to expect in the upcoming time in the hospitality industry:

  • Email Automation:

The email Automation thing is helping the hospitality guys to have a strong relationship with the clients. It starts by sending a prior email before the arrival of the client. It is so far the best way to welcome and send the upgrade information or offer discounts to increase their eagerness. The hotels using email automation can be seen with much higher revenues, online ratings, reviews, and more direct bookings for the next time.

  • Mobile Friendly Websites:

I am going a bit technical here, according to the recent updates of Google indexing – The mobile-friendly websites are going to get higher rank in Google searches on the keywords. The website revenue generation depends upon the accessibility, customer engagement and regular updates of the content for better performance.

  • Artificial Intelligence:

I would say it is just the start of Artificial Intelligence in the hospitality industry but soon it is going to evolve as it has started showing promising results.

Most of the hotels have tried Chat-bots for messaging and handling complaints of the clients and the results are impeccable. Clients don’t have to wait for someone to assist. Most of the queries are answered by the bots. With them, customers can ask questions and receive instantaneous answers without any individual taking care of it. It sounds awesome too.

  • Customized Web Application:

To stay ahead on the expectation of the client the hotels need to make sure that their internal departments are working collaboratively. The communication between them should not lapse behind. The customized Web applications are playing a vital role in reducing the communication gap in the internal departments. Housekeeping, Kitchen, Laundry, Reception and Customer Care can be controlled by this application. Departments can be controlled and notified from the app itself and the Management can take a note of it. Status of the pending work in the respective department is also available on the dashboard. I recommend the web application to be the “Must Have” thing in the hospitality industry. If you don’t have it yet, go for it.

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Faiz Akhtar
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