Today I would share few things, we follow while Hiring a Programmer at Coding Brains. Hiring a Programmer is an important task as a lot depends on this decision. Whether you are building a Mobile App, Website or a Product.

Below are few points to look for while hiring a Developer.

Hire the right fit first, then work experience

Work experience is an important part to weigh before hiring, but right personality is of more essence. As the right person will blend in work culture, strengthen team effort, be more productive, and satisfied.

Start with small projects for new developer

After the initial step of hiring right fit, it’s important to look into the capability of the developer. So, start with a smaller project to test the efficiency level of the developer and then delegate him bigger project responsibility in accordance to his skill.

Choose adaptability

In our industry skill set are obsolete after certain years. The developer should be adaptable and have a keen interest in learning new things. This learning process will not only be profitable for the developer, but also the company he employed in the long run.

Ask open-ended questions about programming

The question’s asked in interview play a vital role in hiring the correct person. The opted form of questions should always be open-ended as they assist us to understand the level of passion for the concerned field.

Effective hiring

Take your time when hiring, but if you realize the person isn’t working out, let the person go as fast as you can. An ineffective web developer can be disruptive to the entire team and potentially the entire project.

We at Coding Brains follow the same methodology and have an amazing team of Mobile, Web, Product Developers, and Designers.

Written By
Amol Pandey
Amol Pandey
Amol is the Director of Operations of Coding Brains. He has vast and diverse experience managing major projects of top banks across the globe. He has managed major projects for major manufacturing clients. Amol managed and delivered a credit risk management system for a large Australian bank, literally from paper to product. Have worked in all major geographies with big shots of banking and also the manufacturing industry to enable a smooth ride in their IT projects.