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Most of us are familiar with GPS tracking software: they’re the basis of fitness bands and running apps, services like Google Maps, and location-based product promotions. However, in 2022, the true potential of this technology is unleashed in enterprise applications.

Asset tracking enabled by GPS tracking software is becoming increasingly important for companies in all industries. While in the past simple warehouse clearance procedures were sufficient, businesses now need to track their goods in transit, optimize routes for their fleets and track heavy machinery: growing at a CAGR of 15%, the GPS tracking software market is growing to meet demand.

Here’s how GPS tracking works?

GPS tracking software works by receiving information from specialized satellites orbiting the Earth. The GPS module in your smartphone or tracking device picks up these signals and uses the known position of the satellites to calculate where the device is currently located.

The GPS satellite network contains 24 active units, allowing devices to receive data from multiple (but not all) satellites at once. This allows users to see the position of cars, planes and other moving objects change with minimal delay.

GPS tracking applications and use cases:

Location technology is thriving in the logistics and automotive sectors, but these are not the only industries that can benefit from long-term asset monitoring. Here are six examples of how to use GPS tracking software to make your business or life more efficient and secure.

Fleet management:

All companies that own cars or trucks for company use have a fleet. To be profitable as an asset, a fleet requires tracking technology to achieve the best fuel economy, route optimization, delivery time, and employee productivity.

Here’s what fleet managers can do with GPS:

  • use telematics data to locate trucks accurately;
  • track the location of deliverers;
  • reduce fuel consumption by optimizing routes;
  • discourage misconduct and theft; and

in case the vehicle deviates from the designated route and the driver does not respond, the system can send automatic alarms to the police and report the accident and the dynamic location of the truck.

Control over valuable assets:

GPS tracking software is not limited to vehicles. Monitoring can also be useful for heavy equipment, industrial machinery, and other cargo on the go.

Overall, this technology is helpful for

tracking harvesters, drones, laser equipment, construction units, power generators, video production equipment, and fragile objects to determine where they are and how fast they are moving.

Safety for family members and pets:

Small children and elderly family members often require supervision. Children, as well as patients with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, can leave the house and find they cannot return. Even healthy grandparents can get into trouble if they are incapacitated outdoors due to a sudden injury or any other reason.

GPS tracking software in a person’s smartphone or wearable device helps people connect with their loved ones and protect their families. The technology is also used by pet owners, emergency services, and law enforcement to monitor people on probation or under house arrest.


A classic example of a GPS tracking app is Google Maps: it helps you get from point A to point B by whatever mode of transportation you prefer. Such navigation applications are among the most popular applications of GPS technology, and the GPS tracking software market is also extremely flexible.

Apart from those who need a GPS app for personal use, you can target commercial and private vehicle drivers, pilots, and other businesses depending on the type of service you want to provide.

GPS tracking software technology is an incredibly versatile solution to several business problems. By allowing you to track the movement of your assets, GPS helps increase operational efficiency, reduce fuel costs, protect valuable cargo and improve overall service visibility and transparency. If you are considering getting a customized GPS tracking software solution from an industry-leading provider, contact Coding Brains today!

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