If you look at it, all Bars are engaged in the same activity that means serving liquor or cocktail to the customers, but the way scenario is changing you need to be agile when it comes to attracting more of them.

In this latest Article we’ll discuss some cool ideas that may increase your Bar Profit to a whole new level:

1) Make Them Feel Awesome

If You are investing a huge amount on Bar Promotion for luring more people to hit your place, then sounds like a pretty cool idea, but neglecting to retain existing customer base would cost you a lot that may put your Reputation at stake. Reason being, the current customer plays a vital role indirectly when it comes to marketing whether they do it through word of mouth communication or putting pictures of moments on social media enjoying Tequila at Bar. So this time you can earn loyalty for long by texting those on events like Birthday and offering discounts on Liquors as they visit your Bar.

2) Listen What Bartender Says

A bunch of people regularly visit your Bar and ask for Beer of specific brand, then your Bartender can easily generate insight about likes or dislikes of frequent customers. Now, you are required to leverage your service staff by asking suggestions about customer behavior. This move not only gives you an opportunity to analyze what sort of liquor Brands are famous but also helps you to know how much stock you need to purchase on a daily basis. And this way, you can save millions of bucks in a consistent manner.

3) Focus on Target Community

First off, you need to decide which type of audience you would like to target. Then personalize the services that you’ll provide. Take an instance of introducing music that blows a mind away always help create the ear soothing environment at Bar. So if your customer base consists of Millennials or Generation Z, then Rock Music would always do well. In addition to this, you can host Karaoke Nights and Dance events on weekends which will attract young adults at your doorstep.

4) Show Why You’re Different

Right now, people are smarter than before when they plan to enjoy other activities along with drinks, they go for websites of famous bars and started to compare. Now, here you can avail an opportunity to make the best use of it by displaying your services and events through uploaded videos and pictures regularly. As a visitor come on your website and see the images of happy customers dancing on the floor with their partner or playing a game with other folks then he’ll get reasons to choose you.

5) Increase in Staff Productivity

Those days are gone with the wind when your Bartender and Server have to erase a chalkboard and write new additions whenever there is a new brand of Beer or Wine in the Brewery or Bar, but with the advent of Digital Beer Boards you can save a considerable amount of time of your staff and utilize their efforts in other customer service operations. With an advanced Digital Beer Board System your customer can easily view Beverage list with name, style or color and such type of unique experience will give your customer a chance to make a trip of your Bar again.

Just as Competition is getting fierce in the Bar Business it becomes crucial for Bar owners to adopt new and innovative approaches to increase their customer base, because customers always expect something extra from service before investing his money. And as a Leading IT Company, Coding Brains has vast experience in developing customized Websites as well as Digital Menu Software at pretty cost effective prize.

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Faiz Akhtar
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