Upgrading to Transportation Management Systems? Do the right homework and select your TMS

This may sound surprising, but still, so many shippers and traders use spreadsheets, phone calls and email to work towards their supply chain. Since the transportation management system in the transportation and logistics industry continues to go through a digital transformation, many more companies are switching to automation for running their business as profitably and efficiently as possible.

In the 1980s, when the Transport Management systems first hit the scene, they were mostly on-premise. But, thankfully we now have come a very long way from the machines of that era.

The Transport Management system is generally considered as the strength of supply chain and for many good reasons systems like these help companies to move their packages from one destination to another destination, but they can also do many more things, which includes:

  • Improvement of shipment volume forecasting.
  • Optimizing transportation routes and tracking of the shipments.
  • Tracking invoices, important back-office data and other financial functions.
  • Automating manual tasks for reduced cost of administration, so that employees can focus on many other business functionaries.
  • Providing in-depth insights into cost, so that expense can be tracked, tweaked and if requires it can be managed.
  • Storing business insights and data, in one easy to view centralised platform.

Choosing the right Transportation Management system may seem a little difficult as it requires some upfront planning initially but it pays off at the end when the platform is ready and it is truly meeting your business requirement. 

How to Start

The best way to start is having a complete analysis of the needs of the company’s goals and logistics. By doing this you can ensure that you’re not locked yourself into a technology investment that won’t grow as your business scales up. It will also add up to a solid foundation in having a complete understanding of how your company runs its operations and will also give you an idea about which system will meet your needs today and also in the future.

Nowadays, for transportation businesses, cloud-based solutions offer the most easily scalable option, which has many sophisticated features and other functionalities which are unlocked using the cloud. But still, an on-premise system may be the best working solution for managing fleet operations. So, you can decide on which model will work best for your business.

Determining your business needs for a Transport Management system

The next step for selecting the appropriate transport management system is to understand your needs. You can gather the internal stakeholders and agree on a list of must-haves for your business. You can look at these questions to start with:

  • From your TMS, what type of ROI your company needs?
  • When the business grows, will there be a technological requirement for scaling up?
  • For implementation and services, what are your budget requirements for different phases?
  • Does the transport management system require any integration with other external and internal solutions or systems?

When all the stakeholders of your company have reached a general agreement on what your company requires to meet your business goals, you can move on to determine what are those Transport Management System platforms, which may not be good for your business and then it can be eliminated from the search. 

Investing in technology by keeping the future in your mind

With current scenarios of ever-changing operations, it becomes important to choose a service provider which understands your technology requirements and can also scale alongside your business. 

By choosing the right partner, you can be sure that you have all the right tools in place today. Every day, Coding Brains help a business like yours to provide the power of Technology management systems in their operations. Check out our strategies on how we can cut down transport costs, maximize efficiency and deliver strong technology to you.

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Faiz Akhtar
Faiz Akhtar
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