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As the New Year begins with new opportunities and everyone is looking forward to predicting the trends that the new year offers in every field. As we all know how the eCommerce industry is blossoming after the COVID-19 pandemic, never before in the history of mankind have we had opportunities like this? Virtual markets are the new future to cater to our business models. As this growth happens it becomes even more important to choose the right kind of framework to accomplish our complex tasks.

According to the user survey report conducted by Node.js, 4 out of 5 back-end and full-stack developers choose the Node.js framework as their first preference.

All over the world, Developers are assuming many predictions for trends in Node.js for the year 2021. Let’s understand the trends which are expected in the year 2021 for Node.js

We will be explaining what exactly the Node.js framework is and why is it popular.

What is Node.js?
Built on Chrome’s V8 engine Node.js is a Javascript runtime. It operates on a single thread event loop and uses an event-driven, non-blocking input/ output model which involves interaction with the system’s disk and network.
Ryan dahl-the creator of Node.js in 2009 argued that software should be efficient to multitask and projected that the right way to handle several concurrent connections is to have a single thread, an event loop, and non-blocking i/os. This is the reason that made Node very efficient without waiting for requests.

Top Node.js Frameworks 

Popular for lightweight and simplified development process there are 6 top node.js frameworks


Express.js framework provides features without concealing Node.js features, very lightweight, flexible and comes with features favorable for any kind of Mobile app development.


Meteor.js is used by a lot of developers to make web and mobile apps like this in an open-source platform. It is very well known among developers and other javascript makers as this makes the application easy to use, effective and scalable. It has taken a lot of hard work by various industry giants to make this possible and bring it to perfection 


Koa .js allows a developer to perform actions in a downward manner rather than an upward manner which allows the developer to manage things on the way rather than manipulating the response upstream.
Koa is a new framework that was designed to be less space-taking and a more strong foundation for web applications and API. It gives the developer the freedom to ditch callbacks and increases error handling. it is more expressive which makes the writing servers fast and makes writing an enjoyable experience.


This is also one of the most popular in the Node.js framework. Data-Driven API’s with a traceable and service-oriented architecture are provided by Sail.js. This is designed to match the familiar MVC pattern of frameworks like Ruby on Ruby rails.


Hapi.js is an open-source framework for applications that are desktop and web-based.
This is most commonly used to build web services such as JSON API and HTTP proxy applications. The original versions of hapi.js are used by the Express framework.

Nest .js

A very versatile and progressive Node.js framework for creating compelling systems which have high demands. Bringing Node.js framework to a whole new level.

Thus, the virtual market is the new future to work on in our business models. This growth will lead to choosing the right kind of framework to achieve our tasks. As the technology progresses developers are adopting Node.js and are predicting many trends as mentioned above for the year 2021.

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