Cross-Platform App development

Who would like to code separately for each Platform?

This is the benefit that Cross-platform software provides. It has the ability and efficiency to run on multiple computing platforms i.e. Windows, Android, iOS, etc. 

According to the 2020 developer survey, the most popular cross-platform mobile framework is React Native which is used by global developers. React Native is used by 42 per cent of software developers, as per the survey. 1/3rd of the developers use a cross-platform framework or technology, other mobile app developers use native tools.

Cross-platform mobile app development provides very worthy merits. Cross-platform app developments provide merits such as reusing the code, maintenance is easy, a huge reduction in costs, cloud integration becomes easy and also development time is quicker.

Let us have a look at the features of the best cross-platform apps of the Year 2021


Google made this contribution to an open-source mobile app development platform and called “flutter”. Flutter is a language that is object-oriented and works by placing the code file within a Dart Virtual Machine (DVM). The arrival of flutter has made it easy to rebuild a widget tree automatically as it understands the effects of the modification that you make.

Sencha Touch

Sencha touch is best used for applications that work on and employ hardware acceleration techniques.  The native looking themes and options that It provides for easy testing and abundant libraries is very famous and popular. Inbuilt Cordova integration is one of the reasons Sencha Touch is famous.

React Native

React native provides a look and feel of an application that is Native which thereby extends an interactive user involvement. It provides an intuitive native development platform based on a JavaScript – React. it was developed by Facebook. All over the world, these apps are encouraged to stand independently.


Expert developers worldwide prefer Ionic as a choice. To develop hybrid applications Ionic utilizes HTML5. If you don’t have the time to market your application this is the most suitable option. In a restricted time it brings effective results. It carries all the latest components used by developers along with a huge and abundant library. It works as a single base code.


If the developers want to create apps directly on the platform Phone gap is the perfect solution as it offers cloud solutions that enable mobile app developers to create apps directly on the platform. It provides the developer with the freedom to code and plays with different languages without any hardware restrictions. The phone gap is developed by Adobe. It is a cross-platform app framework that is open source.


An open-source framework called Xamarin was launched to solve problems of disjointed native technology stacks, because of this; it made mobile app development very hard and expensive to work with. it used to be an independent cross-platform app development framework but was later acquired by Microsoft. For faster development, it is a single tech stack.

So, Cross-Platform software has a tremendous possibility of providing efficiency to run and function multiple-computing platforms. This has definitely been a new change in the future of technology that is going to create the foundation of Mobile Applications. 

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