Think about investing in a Dispatch Management software: Selecting best-suited software for your business

Dispatch management software is one of the primary tools that a lot of fleet managers and software while dispatching rely on. It is a very useful tool as it ensures that drivers are taking proper routes to keep the customers happy. According to researches the GPS location fed into the software displays the location of each vehicle within the fleet on a map view of the regions that are being operated and proves to be very useful 80 percent of the time. 

A lot of Dispatch management software solutions are available on the market, which makes our decision difficult as to which one to choose from. While choosing a solution you should always look for some key characteristics and features that you should observe. This would only ensure efficient route planning and improve the operations of the fleet.

So when choosing Dispatch management software, it is important to keep these things in mind.

1) Easy Installation:

This is a very important part of dispatch management software, that it should be very easy to install whether it is hardware or software. Dispatch management software would usually come as a telematic device that would need a lengthy, complicated process of installation, and as you take your business to another level, the process of the installation itself would make it more complex and time-consuming. It is necessary to use plug-and-play installation which is much more beneficial for customers all over the world. As it not only saves a lot of time but also is much more convenient for the customers.

2) G.P.S. Tracking: 

G.P.S. Tracking data is an integral part of dispatch management software. This would allow the dispatchers to instantly track vehicle locations, route the progress, and any late or missed stops. This would reduce the workload of the back-office and also allow dispatchers to always have an accurate and complete picture of whether drivers are on track, on time, and showing up at the right time.

3) Customers and stakeholders sharing ETAs:

The greatest satisfaction you can provide a customer is by ensuring delivery on time. A lot of customers do understand of any delay if the driver is a little late in delivering. But the most important thing is they should be made aware of the updated ETAs. The earlier you inform the customers of any changes in the delivery, they will be more understanding and forgiving.

It also becomes important to manually call and tell the customers which would help in streamlining the back-office efficiency.

It would also improve customer satisfaction as they would be well aware of any changes in the delivery timings.

4) An open API:

Dispatch management software solutions should be made easy to sync all the tools so all the data sit together and the customer has full visibility of the entire operation. When all the systems are well connected it becomes very easy for the dispatcher as it makes the routing, job scheduling, and dispatching decisions by using every data.

If your dispatchers are frustrated about having to call the drivers every time they place an order it is time for you to build dispatch management software for your company. Coding brains provide dispatch solutions that offer a driver-facing app, an efficient tracking system, and whatnot. Coding brains help in providing a robust and effective solution to dispatch orders. With these insights, you can not only manage dispatch software and route planning, but this can also help in creating maintenance schedules. Build a safer fleet through driver coaching and make sure that there is no violation of rules.

For more information regarding Dispatch management software, please contact Coding brains.

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Faiz Akhtar
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