The Internet of things is vastly increasing its presence in so many devices day by day and creating a connected world through which we can seamlessly communicate. Statistically speaking it is expected to have more than 30 billion IoT devices within a decade. This advancement is influencing our lifestyle in every space of our lives like offices, cars, homes & cities.

This ensured data speed up to your network from devices outside your network is due to the rapid growth of IoT & Big Data Analytics. This seamless connectivity has assured to complete our tasks, browsing or utilizing it like never before experienced. However, there is a weak spot of this tech which can be easily manipulated by cybercriminals as it is a soft target.

Let’s know how the IoT is a soft target? Compared to other devices IoT’s after one-time authentication or verification are always connected and operating. This attribute makes it exposed and weak to treacherous attacks. As IoT are available in various variants of tech hence they have a different level of security or no security at all. This makes them unprotected and open to infiltration and pretty much many are yet to be discovered or invented. This scenario pretty much calls for a sturdy security tool to be executed on the gateway for the security & safe usage.

According to Forrester’s research mentioned in Forbes,” predicts that the IoT will become the backbone of future customer value, the IoT infrastructure will shift to the edge and to specialized IoT platforms, developers will have a significant impact on platforms and initiatives, and security will remain a key concern.” As with increasing IoT devices used for appliances, home automation, infrastructure systems, medical devices, and smart meters have incompetent security parameters. In such conditions to make this customer efficient and prevent extensive data leak or theft efficient steps are need to be employed to guarantee the privacy of clients and continued performance of the business.

Accordingly mentioned in Forbes for security concerns, it proceeds,” In 2018, we will see significant momentum among firms deploying business processes requiring local data analysis close to the connected devices that enable these processes. The edge IoT devices can act locally based on data they generate, as well as take advantage of the cloud for security, scalability, configuration, deployment, and management.”

The factors due to which IoT adoption is trending:

A fresh scope of business possibilities

IoT creating seamlessly connected world generates numerous business opportunities for various sectors. This technology assists organization to obtain insight the prospect customers interests & requirements.

Revenue increase for business

There is an abundance of shots to improve business growth & economic possibilities by detecting productive ways to utilize IoT tech to gain less expense and more benefit.

Cost decrease of parts

The price of IoT parts has been reduced efficiently directly influencing the pricing of the IoT devices, making it more economical for a larger ratio of people to buy.

Protection and Preservation

Due these IoT techs in devices create an assurance to circumvent physical assault that can happen either in workplace or home.

Challenges in removing IoT security issues

The wide range of devices linked with IoT

IoT environment is rapidly progressing. According to a research, the IoT device providers or manufacturers are not employing even basic security measures. Due to this the safe IoT device bought by consumers became a vulnerable target for criminal activities.

The abundance of data is increased as the number of IoT devices are increasing and now them being unsafe can affect the security of our home, cars, appliances etc. And this is an issue which increasing as many other devices are in the process to be connected by the IoT.

This issues becoming a chronic issue as the companies are focussing on a large scale production of the devices and neglecting the long-term prevention. Due to which many are receiving insecure devices. As many products are old for most of the companies and the situation will become grave with the disposable IoT product.

Steps to be taken enhance IoT security

Security of the network

In comparison to network security, the IoT security is more complex to take care. There are many protocols for communication and functionality standards for devices when it is sandwiched together it gives rise to consequential concerns and complexity.

Verification & Authentication

Permitting the users to verify and authenticate the IoT device along with handling various users of one device which should vary from password or pin to authenticate it.

Everything Encoded

The IoT will continue to reflect its presence in almost every smart connected devices. This creates a great issue to verify each and every device to ensure the reliability. The only solution to guarantee is data encryption. This assures only the users can authenticate with a verified device to access the data.

Security Analytics of IoT

This aspect is only concerned with the accumulation and understanding the data of IoT devices in order to set up an alert mode active for certain activities which will trigger certain set actions for it. This will require the amalgamation of AI, big data, and machine learning to provide accurate prediction and detection of an aberration. However, this kind of process is still in process. This allows the IoT to feel the intrusion or any anomaly to provide security.

API Security of IoT

This feature is concerned with the validating and approves data transfer between IoT device to systems of backend & REST based APIs documented. The API security will provide data transfer safety to ensure that validated devices, apps and developers can communicate and defend against any attacks or infiltration.

IoT becomes an important aspect of our lives and its security is a major issue that should be fulfilled with effective assistance of the whole tech community.

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Faiz Akhtar
Faiz Akhtar
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