In this era of technological up-gradation, every business house aware of ongoing technologies and tools that are influencing the way we behave and communicate with our customers. If we talk about things like web applications, they all are picking up pace around the nations from sector to sector, whether it is hospitality or automobile industry. Even Mark Casey, who is a Global Leader of Telecom, Media & Entertainment sector from Deloitte understand it’s prominence in nearby future and considers“2019 will be defined by how new technologies steadily reshape how we live and work.”

Following are the latest advancements that are impacting the sectors globally,

1) Navigation Systems for Automobiles

GPS tracking Mobile Application Turns your smart-phones into a navigation device which sends complete tracking information directly on your palm, regardless where you are, in an efficient manner. In addition to this, it provides you a comprehensive detail about geographical location, speed, time and direction of your car through real-time SMS alerts, which helps you to check any violation of predefined routes by your driver, if it happens.

2) Face Recognition Technology for Hospitality

For any hotel owner, data of prospective customers is an asset, when it comes to understanding the structure of specific demographics and target audience, and with the help of face recognition technique, this procedure can be done in a split second. It exploits biometrics to scan facial temperaments through either from a photo or from a video for verifying the credentials. Later on, it compares and evaluates the information from the database of faces of guests to simplifying the identification process, which not only helps in check-in but also delivers tailored made services by the staff.

3) Appointment Scheduling Software for Health Care

Those days are gone with the Wind when outdoor patients had to wait for their turn in a long queue of hospitals or clinics. While these days, the advent of innovation and research in appointment management system especially in the healthcare sector improved their satisfaction level and eases access to doctors instantaneously. The application enables a physician to manage slots for scheduling of patient appointment and track their visit in a hassle-free environment.

4) Reservation Software for Travel

Like all Corporate, Tour and Travel industry is exploiting new web technologies to enhance the customer satisfaction level. For instance, if somebody is planning for a vacation or a trip, first he will make sure the availability of accommodation that may be a train or airplane. If there is, then with the help of a computer reservation system he reserves the seats on the travel portal in real time for enjoying his memorable ride.

Finally, it is proved that the exposure of the latest software solutions in varied sectors not only enabled them to become more responsive to their clients, but also to be cost-effective and innovative in nature. So keeping all these things in mind, we recently engaged at Coding Brains with a view to finding innovative approaches for redefining the definition of automation in different Corporate.

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Faiz Akhtar
Faiz Akhtar
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