Money has always been the core of any Business, and this is lured only through prospective clients. Without them, no organization can survive for long. And this time to earn the loyalty of a customer differentiates a successful company from another company in the Industry. The same thing applies when your business has a presence on a virtual platform. If you have a website, then with the usage of API, a marketer can reach out to the target audience.


By the simplest definition, API is a software tool that connects two applications to communicate with each other in real time whenever you use an App forSocial Media Networks and go for a chat process, each time you get message virtually, then you are exploiting the application programming interface.


Analyzing the prominence of API among the businesses globally Chet Kapoor, CEO of Apigee says “Established companies face two huge realities: more customers are moving beyond the browser to mobile and tablet apps, and budgets are getting tighter. An API gives you huge leverage at a low cost.”


Here in this Blog, we will show you the new ways of using an API that helps a Company to increase the revenue for its Business operations:

1) Maximizing the Revenue through Acquisition Channels

Sometimes Back APIs are not the modes of acquiring customers, because of unavailability of enough data space. But in the current scenario, when corporate pioneers are adopting it to accelerate the business growth, perception for Application Programming Interface is changing in the industry. As comparative online channels to acquire customers related to websites, APIs need a number of web applications to reach the end customers. The more people use APIs, the more applications will be operated.

2) Paving the Road to Retain Customers for Long Run

The Retention of clients is always being a part of the Business performance, while you are expanding the market. At this point in time, customer lifetime value matters most when you are analyzing the profit generated through customers in a specific period using an API. By exploiting third-party applications on its application center, any firm may encourage and promote its services to the end user, developed by other application developers. This strategy not only helps to retain the customers, but it will compel an app developer to switch to another API Provider.

3) Provides Opportunity to Upsell more Features on Platform

Allowing access to certain features on API Platform increases the possibility to attract more customers, seeking seamless experience. With the help of it, as a service provider, you can charge for specific API features from a customer. This enables them to find the value of features, which distinguish it from another rival in the industry who is providing the same service for free.

4) Helps in driving Additional Demand for your Service

Enabling more web developers to integrate applications on your API Platform, helps in encouraging demand from their side. That not only increases the revenue for business but also create an affiliate channel for your products and service. For instance, if one application is successful with your API, then you can have an increasing number of clients through third-party developers.

5) Enables to create Resources to manage Big Data Sets

As you all know that customer is the base of any successful business if they stick to your web content and takes interest in your service. At this scenario, it can be maximized using the Application Programming Interface. For instance, if a customer is surfing about a particular service on a web platform, he is often served up information retrieved from a popular vendor’s API. These service providers are well aware of the fact that small firms do not have the tools to organize large data.

For all these ways and modes of enhancing business performance, the global firms should practically implement application programming interface in their business functions, so that they could maximize the profit of the company and update themselves with the ongoing innovation in the market. And having extensive exposure in creating secure and powerful application programming interfaces, Coding Brains offers a wide array of IT consultation for various aspects of Business functions.

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