Selecting the right GPS Fleet Tracking Systems can prove to be a Turning Point in achieving your Business Goals

When you have the technology to operate GPS Fleet Tracking System, it provides a check on the behavior of your drivers.

According to research conducted for GPS Fleet Tracking Systems, they are saying that 98% of the companies have used the GPS Fleet Tracking Software in 2019 and are continuously reporting positive benefits, along with 45% of fleets achieving positive ROI within a year.

In this blog, we are going to understand how the GPS Fleet Tracking System is going to benefit your business and look at the selection of the best GPS Fleet Tracking Systems:

GPS Fleet Tracking Systems

GPS Fleet Tracking Systems are a very important part of telematics strategy. For fleets, GPS technology plays an important role in the tracking of vehicles. By putting the right systems in place, it becomes possible to use the technology in a much more efficient way.

It is possible to leverage data for GPS Fleet Tracking Systems from mainly two primary sources:

1) Vehicle Efficiency

With the help of GPS Fleet Tracking Systems, you can keep a check on advanced fleet data including:

  • Vehicle Speed
  • Engine Performance
  • Mileage
  • Idling Time
  • Emissions
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Location Tracking

A lot of the telematics systems implement diagnostic trouble which further helps in ensuring that the vehicles are receiving the care that they would need to keep the thing running efficiently.

2) Driver Behavior & Safety Tracking

Concerned whether your drivers are safe on the road while driving? With a GPS fleet tracking system it has become possible to track and capture the behaviors of the driver including,

  • After-Hours Usage
  • Braking Habits
  • Speed
  • Acceleration Habits
  • Erratic Driving

It becomes possible for you to stay compliant with ELD regulations, with all the provided information, it becomes possible to safely compile all the reports and provide feedback to all the drivers to improve their behavior on the road while driving.

Hardware & Software

Using Hardware in the vehicle and a centralized software system, GPS technology sends and receives adequate information about the vehicle in your GPS Fleet Tracking System.

Hardware – GPS Devices & Sensors

Your device would usually have a sensor installed in your vehicle, which is placed behind the dashboard or above the glass pedal. There are also options of hardwired and plug-and-play.

Software – A Dashboard for Metrics

In your device, all the data will be transmitted to a centralized software system that would present vehicle metrics along with a dashboard.

GPS devices would also work with fleet managers in real-time vehicle metrics and the behavior of the driver.

By using GPS Fleet Tracking Systems, it becomes possible to accomplish certain kinds of business goals, which will also include reducing risk, reinforcing safety policies, and improving driver behavior on the road.

What to Search for in a GPS Fleet Tracking System?

The things that you would need for your GPS Fleet Tracking System for your fleet will be dependent on a lot of variables. Let us look at the most common needs:

  • Mobile App and Navigation Option
  • Customer Support
  • Alert Systems
  • Ease of Use
  • Fuel Card Program Integration
  • Structures of the Pricing

GPS Fleet Tracking Systems have costs which are varying costs which will include pricing with one of the most common structures.

If you have more vehicles in your fleet, it becomes possible for you to expect and pay more for your GPS Fleet Tracking Systems. But many people provide offers that would break the volume as the fleet continues to rise.

Upfront Costs: Upfront costs would further cover the cost of installation physically.

Monthly Costs: This would include service and fees for management.

A lot of GPS Fleet Tracking systems are also providing bundle packages that would include the installation cost, hardware, and ongoing monthly services that can be broken up in terms.

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