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Researchers have been looking for such wearable devices that can help people actually to detect the presence of deadly viruses in the body.

Last month, scientists at the West Virginia University Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute said they had created a digital platform that can detect COVID-19 symptoms up to three days before they show up using the Oura ring, wearable fitness and activity tracker.

There are several apps available for the watches that can constantly track the health of the human body. We can utilize this technology to fight pandemic and other health-related issues before the actual symptoms show up.

Need for this technology: 

According to research conducted on Convid-19, 40% of the people infected with this virus do not have a fever. Hence, temperature screening won’t be an effective method.

Resting heart rate, for example, is a good indicator because it is normally consistent before infection, and can be accurately measured by the most wearable.

All we need is a good application to monitor health status through various sensors. We understand, over 100 million Americans have a smartwatch or fitness band which can be useful if we have the right apps for that.


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