The valid method to speed up your task of designing an API for free is prototyping on paper providing your concept the initial support to make it in the main competition. Many consider the option to opt a freelancer at a low price to take some screens in some similar template layouts. The way to success is to avoid timesavers and invest some time in putting an original idea ahead to just sway over the users by its first glimpses.

You can also avoid any investment at initial and download many available apps for prototyping in your mobile. They assist in making bold and distinctive app prototypes, this just compiles half of your task now the actual work comes at hand is to sketch out the interface which will sequence them together.

Bring out the board and start organizing all major screens like titles including all characteristics they consist. Headings are majorly like: Signup, Sign in, home, settings, forgot password, terms & conditions etc. Now you have to work out the process how the titles or screens are linked together by a simple click.

Every concept has already been marketed in various you just have to pinpoint your competitors and analyze their system and pattern. You do not have to re-invent the wheel there are certain set ways that you can easily adopt from the apps. For such tasks, there are also apps available to assist you from many hundreds of pattern already in use.

As you get a hold of these you would require drafting the app framework. Designate every screen with attributes and with every new pattern & changes the sequence would improve the interface pattern. Now it’s point to initiate POP and take pictures of every title stringing in the flow that you have designed. There are now ready to be shared and the feedback is going to certainly help you better it. The achieved structure is efficient enough to be shared with UI designer to refine and increase its productivity.

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Faiz Akhtar
Faiz Akhtar
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