In Recent Years, Progressive Web Apps are emerging a Top Trend as a Web Technology if it’s about Mobile Web Communication. They are gaining much popularity by IT Geeks and Corporate Giants once it was introduced as an Open Source initiative by Google Inc.

Technically speaking, it functions in the same way as a Mobile Application does, that means it is connected to the main display of the Smartphone and provides various features such as working offline, Push Notifications, Bluetooth and Device position, etc. Additionally, they always are easily accessible to users.

Considering PWAs as a Business Accelerator Lewis DVorkin, Chief Product Officer at Forbes Media, says, “Too many digital redo’s simply shuffled elements around a screen like so many deck chairs. With our new desktop pages and mobile web app, officially called a Progressive Web App, we upended our thinking and rebuilt our technology house to produce some of the fastest loading pages on the Internet.”

Now, We’ll dive into some benefits of Progressive Web Apps and why Business Entrepreneurs should invest in its extensive capabilities:

1) No Worries Even if You Offline

Unlike the Native Applications, the Progressive Web Apps behave in a different mode when your Smart device is in offline. It enables users to continue surfing, instead of informing them they can’t move further on the Web Page as other Web normally do. PWAs are based on a Strong Caching System to manage and control offline requests and send them when the internet connection is available.

2) A Feel like Mobile Application
The One Ongoing advantage of Progressive Web Apps is that they are designed in such a way that they look like Mobile Apps despite having the full functionality and features of a Website with Dynamic Data or Database access. In addition to this, an App Developer chooses a conventional framework to program a Progressive Web App considering how Mobile Apps provide superior customer experience compared to the Websites.

3) High on Web Performance
Exploiting Technology caches or serves text, images, style sheets and other additional Web Content on Sites Progressive Web Apps work significantly faster. Consequently, Improved performance leads to a Great User Experience and increases Retention rate.

4) Updates with No More Hassle
Updating Native Apps without Wi-Fi may lead to Huge Data Consumption which increases the cost to the user, While with the Progressive Web Apps there is no situation like this. As we know that they are quite similar to Websites, the update happens in a way a website is updated. That means PWAs can be updated in a snap and there is no Play Store approval needed.

5) Providing Security to All Levels
Security has always been a prime concern when you work on Virtual Platform. This is why while designing a Progressive Web App it needs to be served over HTTPS to provide privacy and security over sensitive information such as Browsing History or payment transactions.

With the Adoption of PWAs, you can increase Visitor’s engagement, interaction, and conversion rate along with reducing Data usage and Loading Process. And as a Leading Software Development Company, Coding Brains has vast experience in offering PWA Web App Development Services.

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Faiz Akhtar
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