Hi Everyone,

Today I would like to showcase one of our latest Mobile App Development Project. A Personal Security Mobile App for both Android and iOS. We were involved from Brainstorming to Final Deployment on this. Please click below to check it out:

An App Development is not only about Coding but more on Brainstorming and Analysis. To Build, a Good Value Mobile App  one need the following:

1) You don’t need Coders but Thinkers who can Code as well.

2) Nothing is more important than having your Development Team, work in Your Time Zone. Avoid communication gap at all cost, It’s the Killer.

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Amol Pandey
Amol Pandey
Amol is the Director of Operations of Coding Brains. He has vast and diverse experience managing major projects of top banks across the globe. He has managed major projects for major manufacturing clients. Amol managed and delivered a credit risk management system for a large Australian bank, literally from paper to product. Have worked in all major geographies with big shots of banking and also the manufacturing industry to enable a smooth ride in their IT projects.