Mobile Banking Application Development: Key Lookout Features for Winning the Race

The development of mobile banking applications has become a new phenomenon, encouraging financial institutions to become digital. Today’s customers want a seamless experience 24/7 (in seconds, too) that regular banks will not be able to deliver until now. Yes, we understand that bureaucracy (and, yes, conservatism) concerns may delay digital innovation. However, to win the race to build a banking app, you have to rethink the old course and switch to the latest technology.

Online banking app statistics say that by 2021 the online mobile app market will generate up to $ 693 billion.

Why You Should Seek Enhanced Mobile Banking Applications?

The niche for mobile banking application development is emerging among the most advanced modern market segments. Analysts describe this prosperity as the continuation of a solid smartphone experience in consumer life, the outbreak of COVID-19, and solitary confinement measures.

In addition, seven billion consumers will enter the digital space by the end of 2021, with three billion of them accessing mobile banking.

Important Steps to Get Involved in the Development of a Banking System

An online banking application is a complex process that requires a great deal of preparation. Before jumping to conclusions about a simple mobile banking project, consider the following:

  • Market Analysis and Project Plan:

Market research is a basic preparation phase of banking app development that can be ignored even if you have limited budgetary resources. It helps you understand the future coherence of the project and how to create a banking application strategy. Market analysis provides an overview of current niche trends and predicts market behavior over the next few years. It also offers competing research for them to learn from their mistakes.

Be aware of the niche you entered and specify target audiences for effective results. Do not try to cover all the segments at once. Select one feature and create a banking application that will address the issue.

  • Killing Business Strategy:

To start an online banking app, a business runner has several options to look for: mobile, client, or online banking.

Mobile banking is a smartphone solution (or other iOS or powerful Android device) for managing individual bank accounts. It seems especially helpful, as users should not visit the banks whenever they make a payment. You can solve complex problems with instant support (representative company or AI-powered).

Customer banking is a solution for corporate accounts. It is installed on a PC and offers a wide range of features such as a banking system and website access. Limiting this product for mobile banking application development is the need to have a PC or portable computer with pre-installed software to perform certain transactions.

Internet banking is a solution that works within a web browser. Customers can use banking services 24/7 anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. However, you should be aware of it, as website data protection is naturally lower than other options.

To choose the right strategy, consider your business objectives and target audience for the development of your future mobile app.

  • Reliable Software Dealer:

Partnering with a reputable software vendor is part of your future success. Do not rush to join the first banking development team you have encountered. Carefully examining a company’s portfolio helps to determine if it has the necessary technology to build a banking system. Look for more opportunities, and do not limit your mobile banking application to mobile banking software developers as you do not cooperate with development teams around the world.


The development of banking applications is a hot topic now. Financial institutions are increasingly (even large and with a long history) switching to advanced FinTech solutions, making traditional banks a thing of the past. If in doubt, your competitors are already selecting the winning ticket. If you want to win the race, you can lose your chance and start developing a mobile banking application right away!

Our experts at Coding Brains have extensive experience in making banking applications deliver advanced FinTech solutions. We could not disclose the details as these projects fall under the NDA. But rest assured, if you are planning to upgrade your banking system, we can guide you on a winding road. Do not hesitate to contact us to create a banking app for your bold dreams.

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