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Mobile App development comprises various steps that are complex in the method but Coding brains make it simple. A Mobile Apps success is dependent on its concept but most of the time user interface plays a major role, layout and the expert understanding of theses stages of development life cycle. In-depth analysis of mobile app development process shows unique concepts and procedures to develop business-driven mobile apps in a specified timeframe within your budget.

There are eight steps involved in mobile app development required by each developer mentioned below:

Mobile App Development Process


1. Roadmap Document by the client:

It is a client based specs along with the functionality of the app shared to us for the mobile app development project in accordance to which they want to develop their required mobile app. They also provide a reference link or the functionality they would like their mobile app to have. Not only this they mention their vision for the app so that the developers can deal the requirement accordingly.


2. Brainstorming and Specking:

In this stage, the Coding Brains team brainstorm with the clients regarding the requirement and providing them a market study specifying suggestion based on the analysis. The Coding Brains Team provides the list of competitors who have similar apps with more functional attributes they would like to include. Not only this a document is drafted including technology selection, technical specifications, mobile application structure and timelines.


3. Creating Functional Specifications:

To reach one small goal oriented result the most important step for developers is to examine all specifications and reference links to create a design outline of the required product. This gives a brief idea how the app is going to function including the layout, designs, and patterns.


4. Development Model Specification:

After the long process of deciding the on the exact requirement and the path decided to reach the future vision behind the app development by the experts. Then we proceed on the development model as Coding Brains follows Agile Model but at times it depends on the requirement of the clients as we scrutinize everything and suggest the best mobile app development model which is cost-effective and fulfills the requirement of clients. There are various mobile app and software development models but the choice of development model truly depends on clients’ demand, timeline, and the type of application.


5. Role Assignment & Prioritization:

A project manager can handle this job flawlessly irrespective of the mobile app development task small or big. Interface building and designing, database development, server-side scripting, administration, documentation, etc. are numerous assignments that are assigned to various members of a development team.


6. Development:

The main task of a mobile app development life cycle is coding and programming of the development period. Validation and authentication of the project development progress should be monitored and tested by senior mobile app developers. This guarantees that mobile applications triumphantly pass the testing stage and is offered product exactly as envisioned by clients.


7. Testing & Delivery:

When clients hire an app developer, they expect that the final outcome will be delivered such that it can be used immediately. Testing is very necessary to guarantee that the inbuilt characteristics and functions of applications are pleasing and the time-tested product can be delivered to clients.


8. Support & Maintenance Package:

Coding Brains Team offers support & maintenance package through which your Mobile applications can be managed. Looks after to ensure optimum performance. The team looked in to meet all business needs and aided a smooth working system in the final hand over.

As we have a dedicated team to support the client irrespective of the fact if we have built the app or not because we can provide a Mobile App maintenance package based on the needs like Maintenance, Build, Fix and Improve. This service ensures the effortless working of your app and if there are any issues reported after the launch or require an additional feature we add it.


In order to develop the finest mobile applications, all the above-mentioned stages are essential and ultimately give the competitive, tractable, and business-driven solution for your business. So, get in touch with Coding Brains, a reputed mobile app development company in India and developing an elite app for your business needs.

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Faiz Akhtar
Faiz Akhtar
Faiz is the Technical Content Writer for our company. He interacts with multiple different development teams in Coding Brains and writes amazing articles about new technology segments company is working on. Every now and then he interviews our clients and prepares video & audio feedback and case studies.