API is an assemblage of subroutine definitions, protocols, and mechanisms for creating an application software. In broad terms, it is an assortment of precisely defined methods of interaction linking various software components between whatever you require to create an app and they are the modern app building blocks. Earlier API’s was not so common but when it became it was utilized to create each function inside an app. However, some tasks can be easily outsourced who specializes in them. They specialize at one particular criterion but perform immensely well. They contribute an API to accomplish goals.

It can be even observed in commonly used Facebook as it grants a swift login button that we all relish is the most simple example of API that provides prompt app login. We also receive text messages from an App, have you ever wondered how that happens? You might its due to an inbuilt feature but it comes through Twilio that simply sends automated text messages. Another delightful option of payment modes in Uber as its very agile and pretty easy to use. How does that happen? A very simple but an efficient solution to acquire such feature is through a payment processing API called Brain Tree Payments.

This enables developers to concentrate on developing the chief characteristics of the app rather than creating all from scratch. Take, for instance, Uber is an outstanding transportation sharing app & not an amount processor yet it require a payment processor for astounding the user experience. To concentrate on creating an entire ride app, Uber developers employed other APIs for payment; SMS and focus on the principal features like picking up the ride, optimizing route etc.

The two greatly recommended API’s everybody are dealing with daily are payments and texting, and below it is described how they function.


Whether you have to pay someone for any product on an app and also divide a payment, you require using Stripe. It functions in a unique manner when it is coded and some rules are set up. Perhaps you are developing a ride-sharing app like Uber; the driver receives 70%, and you receive 30% of a ride fee. As the ride ends, the app tells Stripe to execute the transaction and revenue split happens. The cash is later deposited in both accounts in about 2-day basis.

Although Stripe is not free of charge it charges the fee each time the transaction happens. This fee can also be even passed on to the customer as a surcharge or absorb this cost from your profit margins.


Whether you desire to confirm a mobile number or send a reminder to a customer from an app, you need Twilio. They essentially have a computer that accesses many of virtual sim cards and sends texts. You can tell the API whatever you want to send and it does the rest. The price per text message varies depending on where you are sending it.

Something to keep to remember is that service providers can change their APIs any time. You need to keep a sharp eye on your APIs and make certain that they are updated therefore the users can have a seamless experience.

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