Kotlin is a new programming language and development language from JetBrains’ team of programmers based in Saint Petersburg, Russia running on Java Virtual Machine. It is typed statistically and compiled to JavaScript source code.
Kotlin was provided the first-class support during a keynote at the annual Google I/O conference by Google’s Android. This support will grow the user base. This language opens up a scope of great opportunities for developers and Android Ecosystem.

The benefits of Kotlin can take Android App Development to next level.

Learning so Simply

Kotlin is modern and Android-compatible language that is designed to be type and null-safe. This language is easy, short, and clear to read and write. Kotlin has much simpler code written than the Java comparable. It’s furthermore understandable and readable which eases the task of debugging for writing Android apps. The usage ease makes Android app development quicker.

Potential of Open Source

Under Apache 2 it has been an Open Source project and has a definite probability of transferring Kotlin into a non-profit foundation. Kotlin Kotlin promotes an open developer ecosystem while growing the Android platform. This power of open source forges a robust ecosystem and is not confined to one company.

Adaptability with Java

The exceptional advantage is that it remains to be a level of interoperability between Java and Kotlin. There is a possibility that Java and Kotlin code exists in the same project and compose flawlessly. Majorly Java libraries and frameworks in Kotlin projects including advanced frameworks can be used. This can be utilized without converting an entire project.

Kotlin supports IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse & Netbeans

As Android Studio is created on IntelliJ IDEA, an IDE developed by JetBrains. It is the same company behind the Kotlin language. The JetBrains team has secured Kotlin works great with IntelliJ IDEA. Beginning with Android Studio 3.0, tooling aid for Kotlin is packaged straight into Android Studio. Kotlin’s aim is to be accessible on various platforms and support for other IDEs will continue.

Kotlin Effect on Existing Languages

Kotlin has joined as an official Android language. Nevertheless, existing languages have been made effective with the latest versions of Android and Android Studio. For instance, Android O saw support for Java 8 libraries. In C++, there is an endeavor to make enhancements such as extending performance profiling tools and APK debugging tools to provide a native experience.

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