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Businesses today are majorly opting mobile strategy to compete and adapt in accordance with modern technology. This strategy turned into latest trend lead to the creation of Mobile Apps. The major industries swept by this new revolution are real estate, healthcare, education, logistics & distribution, and retail.

There are many Apps available for every field. However, only some Apps are successful but it is essential to understand that why many other Apps are not able to gain the same position?

The chief aspect of such a vast difference lies in the performance of the Apps. The difference that sets the two similar Apps apart is the smooth navigation and its sturdiness. This difference cannot be overlooked, to analyze it below we will have to discuss the working process of the Mobile Apps.


Performance Metrics of Front-End


The Apps efficiency when analyzed from end users perspective the major aspect is front-end metrics. The details that should be operated on preference basis is related to end user. Below are the points of Front-end-Performance-Metrics:


1. Response Time

App loading time is a very important aspect as well if it loads in 2- 3 seconds it retains user attention but if it takes more than that the potential user can be lost. This due to the less attention span of people and the fast-moving life leaves no room for slow Mobile Apps. The elements to improve the Mobile App speed are lessen the number of unique objects on the page for fewer HTTP requests, minimize the number of URL redirects and desist use of heavy elements such as Flash.


2. Fit-To-Screen Resolution

Regardless of the screen size of your mobile phone, the Mobile App should give uniform user experience on all devices. Images, content, and animations should resemble accurately when the app is loaded.

The Mobile App screen should provide readable text on the mobile screen along with it the images should be scaled adequately to appear on the Mobile device.


3. App Crash Protection

The most avoidable aspect to retain user engagement is crashing of the Mobile App. This not only causes a negative mindest in users and it also signifies performance failure of a Mobile App. In general, people do not opt for such Mobile Apps. This issue hurts the brand value of the business. Hence it should be a top priority to develop an impeccable Mobile App which does not have major issues.


4. Resource Consumption

Mobile Apps that require a lot of resources are scarcely used by users. The Mobile App should not drain the extra battery of mobile phones and occupies less space in RAM. Users generally employ Apps to execute different tasks with ease.

Hence it should be a priority to develop an App that consumes less battery and use least resources of mobile phones.


Performance Metrics of Back-End 

Front-end performance is correlated to back-end performance metrics simultaneously. This implies that back-end performance directly influences the user’s experience and account for its UI/UX. The few points important for back-end metrics that account for the success of mobile app of Back-end-Performance-Metrics are:


1. Time to First Byte

The least time for server response is essential to equip users with fast performing apps. The time taken from data requested to fetch that info is known as TTFB (time to the first byte). The fewer the TTFB means less response time and Mobile App works swiftly.


2. HTTP Requests

As the server communication takes longer time for HTTP requests effects the performance speed of the App. Hence, it is advisable to decrease HTTP requests to circumvent issues of prolonged response time from server and App crashes. These following steps will help to control the number of computing cycles resulting in a fast performing App.


3. Connections and DNS lookups

It is essential to manage the connection to back-end with relevant bandwidth and latency in regard to the performance of the Mobile App. It takes about 120 to 400 milliseconds in DNS lookups to process, which is equal to manage various of downloads of object requests.


Begin Optimizing your Mobile App Now

Is the Mobile App performance monitored in a proper manner?Along with it is important to plan and improve the performance of the Mobile App. Maintain an equilibrium between front-end and back-end performance metrics to result in swift, responsive, scalable and sturdy business Mobile App.

Mobile App Development is an expert task which Coding Brains can efficiently develop and deliver. As experienced professionals working for our company are aware of these performance metrics very well. Also, they keep a sharp eye on minute details.

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Amol Pandey
Amol Pandey
Amol is the Director of Operations of Coding Brains. He has vast and diverse experience managing major projects of top banks across the globe. He has managed major projects for major manufacturing clients. Amol managed and delivered a credit risk management system for a large Australian bank, literally from paper to product. Have worked in all major geographies with big shots of banking and also the manufacturing industry to enable a smooth ride in their IT projects.