Kentico 9 a remarkable CMS system for ASP .Net

Remarkably centered on ASP.Net, Kentico is the most advanced and extensively used CMS system. It’s former version Kentico 8 was majorly focused on fabulous user experience permitting content professionals to modify content majestically. However, the recent version of Kentico presented superior technology to develop the websites in a more dynamic and progressive manner. This advanced version, Kentico 9 will assist to develop the most effective engaging web site for your prospective clients.

It also provides to unbelievable achievement in the developing area of digital-marketing. Kentico aids the democratization of online marketing for business, despite investment or size can create the most of the new possibilities. The actual concept of Kentico 9 is to sustain efficiency & consistency. In addition, the resolute database management and the combination of existing systems with advantages like social media, enables its clients and software partners to operate a business driven solution in the fast growing world of digital solution.

Features of Kentico 9

Keeping in mind the aim to assist businesses and organizations Kentico 9 is equipped with amazing characteristics. These features aid it to attain the chief aim to develop websites using advanced frameworks and trends, create and execute campaigns effectively, make changes frequently and reliably to match the requirements of tremendously increasing traffic in the current and near future of the digital era.


1. Great support with ASP.NET MVC:

It has surpassing support for MVC, and now the developers can easily redesign MVC applications. Not only this it can be employed widely by developers as it accessible in Open Source format.

2. Impressive Campaign Management:

It has multiple choice for the professionals to develop, change, and manage marketing campaigns effectively.

3. Constant Integration:

To keep up with today’s competition it is an inevitable requirement of the website owners to update their websites steadily.
Kentico 9’s CMS is developed in a way to upgrade all things impressively and promptly. It even updates existing content and written code, from one environment to another. Hence owners of such sites are able to modernize their present site swiftly and dependably.

4. Supported with the Auto-Scaling option:

It has an adequate auto scaling option. With the help of such support web farm 2.0, is an ideal pick for the implementation of a Cloud computing. As Cloud computing is getting popularity continually in the quick pace of technology advancement, Kentico 9 empowers clients to appropriately configure their cloud background, based on established rules.

5. Better Management:

Built with modern traits, modules can be quickly developed to assist precise needs and requirements that can be packaged automatically, and again employed in an on going projects.

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Faiz Akhtar
Faiz Akhtar
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