Is an Online POS System the right choice for your business to become more accessible?

Many retailers are switching to cloud-based or online POS systems. This switch is happening for different types of reasons from affordability to better customer experience.

As per the research, the online POS system is gaining a lot of popularity but 35 percent of the retailers are not using it as they’re not for all retailers.

To help in deciding whether you should switch to a cloud-based online POS system, we have put together a list of many pros and cons to using as a guideline while making your decision. 

Pros of Online POS System:

There are many benefits of using an online POS system. This is why many retailers switch to cloud-based systems which allows them to use tablets as their POS systems.

Check out these advantages a cloud-based system has over a POS system that runs on a local server: 

1) Customer service is improved

Retailers have adopted online POS systems to provide customers with a better shopping experience. Online POS systems will allow for a tablet to be carried in the store and also brought to customers for check-out.

This can help in speeding up the check-out process and also eliminate long lines for the cash registers. Think of bars or department stores where customers wouldn’t have to wait to swipe their cards. It’s a streamlined process that makes buying or shopping at the store more convenient.

2) Accessible

If you can take your POS wherever your customer is. It will make you more accessible to customers.

Even when you don’t have WIFI access, most online POS systems will have an offline mode that still allows retrieving credit card information without an internet connection.

3) Affordable

Cloud-based online POS systems can be a more affordable solution for SMBs. Local server POS systems usually require you to buy lots of hardware and software that needs to be hooked up.

For online POS systems, you can download the app for free, purchase a card reader or tablet, and then pay a very small fee per transaction. Some service providers may also require a flat monthly fee.

For a retailer who is just starting, or who needs just a few registers, this can be a very affordable solution to start selling right away.

4) Integration

For many multichannel sellers, an online POS system is not the only retail system you use. You may also have an accounting system, eBay or Amazon accounts, or an online store.

Cons of Online POS Systems: 

Cloud-based online POS systems don’t come without a list of risks. Here are some of them:

1) Reliability

Your online POS systems are available via the internet. This means you are dependent on an internet connection. You will know how fickle connectivity can be.

If you’re constantly battling WiFi to work for your POS, the customer experience is going to suffer.

2) Security

The service provider is completely responsible for the security of your customer data since they are storing data for you on one of the servers.

If you need the type of control over data security then a cloud-based online POS might not be what’s best for your business.


So, whether you’re ready or not for a cloud-based online POS system, depends on your own unique business needs. Use the list of these pros and cons to help you decide what is the right decision for your business.

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