Introducing Electronic Health Record System: Most crucial Time-Saver for Healthcare Industries

Digital innovations are revolutionizing every industry, including healthcare. Electronic Health Record Systems are becoming more productive by developing easy workflows, thanks to many of the new technological applications.

Thankfully, with the advent of technology in this sector, Electronic Health Record Systems have been of great help.

A popular research agency found that 46% of US citizens think that Electronic Health Record Systems have improved the quality of care, with only 5% reporting a decline.

But what are Electronic Health Record Systems? How do they help? In this article, we will resolve all your questions:

1) What is the difference between an Electronic Medical Record System and an Electronic Health Record System?

Both Electronic Health Record Systems and Electronic Medical Record Systems are digital versions of patients’ health records. However, there’s a difference between them.

Electronic Medical Record Systems are digital versions of patients’ records stored and also maintained by one provider. It includes patients’ details and information from one practice, which is not usually shared with anyone. So, if the patient changes her/his doctor, the system is unlikely to be shared.

Electronic Health Record Systems consist of a patient’s records from multiple sources. It provides a long-term view of the patients’ health as it also contains more information from various other sources. Since there is a wide range of information available, it enables professionals to provide more attentive and better care to the patient. Electronic Health Record Systems may be securely shared with many different doctors.

2) What can be the features of Electronic Health Record Systems?

Electronic health record software can have many different features. Here, we can find the list of ten possible features of an Electronic Health Record System:

  • Charting and Lab Analytics
  • Patient Portals
  • E-Prescribing
  • Reminders
  • Medical History
  • Patient Record Management
  • Customized Templates
  • Payment Management
  • Task Management
  • Communication

3) What are the main benefits of the Electronic Health Record System?

As both patients and healthcare providers are using Electronic Health Record Systems, many of the benefits are offered to them.

Advantages of Electronic Health Record Systems for Public Healthcare Providers

For such healthcare providers Electronic Health Record Systems offer the following benefits:

  • Regular Updates
  • Reliability
  • Group Management
  • Reduced Mistakes

4) What are many of the different compliances that should be considered for Electronic Health Record Systems?

We have listed here 6 standards and compliances that every Electronic Health Record System should follow:

  • CCDA
  • GDPR
  • FHIR

5) What are many of the different services that Electronic Health Record System development companies offer?

The services of Electronic Health Record Software development companies can differ. We have listed here 5 general services which every electronic health record software development company offers:

  • Compliances
  • Custom Electronic Health Record Software development
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Electronic Health Record implementation and integration
  • Electronic Health Record mobile app development

6) Why should you get customized Electronic Health Record Software?

Every healthcare company has different needs. But not every Electronic Health Record System has features to fulfill the needs of healthcare companies. So, it is better to get an Electronic Health Record System built, instead of compromising on such requirements. We have listed 4 reasons here why a customized Electronic Health Record System is the better option:

  • Custom UI/UX Designs
  • Regional Certifications and Compliances
  • Preferable Features (Billing, E-Prescribing, etc.)
  • Security Measures of your choice


Electronic Health Record System is in great demand nowadays as it has massively improved record management procedures. Many healthcare companies and hospitals are using this software, which is helping them in achieving productivity and best results.

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