There had been a debate regarding the Instagram update. However, if you are not acquainted with it I suggest kindly download Snapchat and examine its interface and value approach. It possesses a lateral sliding interface and is a self-destructing video messaging service while permitting users to post stories lasting only a day. However, in Instagram, you use to display a value proposition of a shared photo/video feed.

During questioning by tech journalists, the Instagram CEO was quite open about the copy & said they imitated it as it was operating. This is just created a controversy as everyone could not get around the fact they copied them and even acknowledged it.

As it was so evident in the design that they copied. Although this has always been a vital part of technological progress and competition. This is addressed as an incremental gain, as one company takes something produced earlier and progresses it or carries forward to a new audience. Instagram did the same and should be supported for it. Recall about Google, as they did same with Yahoo as they copied their notion but created a new search algorithm and a good looking homepage. Even Facebook, they just copied MySpace and made easy the interface with the suitable audience.

This entire circumstance is why founder has to speculate about unfair profits. There are measures you can take to put an end to it as you can make the feature in a way that it’s not easy to get it copied, bought or learned.

Moreover, despite Snapchat saw and is currently witnessing some astounding user growth you have to observe the scale of its competitor now. As Instagram has more than 500 million monthly active users whereas Snapchats 100 million. The ratio is 1 to 5 which is pretty extensive. On a general basis, new users will use both platforms in tandem and it makes more sense to easily their home screen by removing one app.

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Faiz Akhtar
Faiz Akhtar
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