If you look at it, the recent developments and changes are done in the hospitality industry is only in terms of technology. Even a report from research by Oracle Hospitality says “64% of American hotel guests consider, it is very or extremely important for hotels to continue investing in technology to enhance the guest experience.”Similarly, Lawrence Horwitz, Executive Director from Historic Hotels of America says “Today’s customer wants to discover, explore, experience, and, most important, share. You need the most modern technology to enable that.”

Technology not only reduces the overall cost that used to be incurred but also smoothens the communication between the marketer and the target audience to the next level. So elaborating all these things in detail we are providing here some examples:

  • Online Availability

If a Hotel Pioneers has an online presence in the form of a website, then it provides a chance for itself to attract and lure various prospects who want to compare and evaluate your services with your existing rival, especially in connection with reviews of the customer, who once experienced your service on your website.

  • Best Deals in One Go

With the passage of time, various travel sites are coming into existence which is providing the best deals on hotel booking to the customer, which increased the cutthroat competition among the competitors in this age.

  • A Digital Experience to the Guests

If we talk about web automation regarding the hotels, then it has been recently seen that various top-notch brands in the industry software tools for various operations such as self – service, check in or check out process, which not only eases the duties of staffs but also enhance the overall customer satisfaction level in an instant manner.

  • Personalized Experience with Virtual Assistants:

As you all know that efficiency accelerates profitability, that’s why various firms, is nowadays, started chatbots and virtual assistants to always connect with the visitors.

So now, it can safely be said that the cutting edge technologies and innovation are being deployed by the hospitality industry to enhance the customer satisfaction level. Keeping all these things in mind and having a great industry exposure in various technical expertise Coding Brains offers a variety of services in hospitality sector such an Online Booking Engines for Hotels, ERP Software solutions, Cloud Telephony for Hotels and other Cloud-Based Software for Hotels as per the client’s need. If you’ve got a Hospitality Business and seeking for the IT consultation, do visit the link below:


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