Messengers are trending today at large. The most famous and most recently launched is Google Allo. It’s a highly interactive interface which developed by Google that includes virtual assistant, smart reply and incognito mode. It was announced on 18th May. 2013 and launched in 21st September 2016 and is available on both iOS and Android.

Speak in writing

The messenger has provided the control of the size of your text. Express your anger, whisper, happiness and many other facets of emotion by all capital mode along with sizing ability. This mode is very unique in concept and approach. The sizing can be controlled through send button by a simple stroke of up or down. The simplicity in application but the uniqueness of concept is very captivating.

Doodle or emoji it

The main attractions of messengers are its stickers and emoticons. Google Allo stepped it up by an addition in these features which doodling. You can create your own art with pictures which can be your selfies, group images or anything as far as your creativity might go. The range of stickers is inspired to be more interactive and so a specific artists and studios from around the world were handpicked for the job. The above features were added to make the user interface amazing.

Google Assistant

This feature is pretty snug as we don’t have to search on different browser but we are easily assisted through this additional feature. You can search during your conversation or one on one and it can suggest just about anything such as nearby restaurant, movies etc. The way to use is very accessible as you just have to type @Google and the Google Assistant is ready to assist just about any of your query.

Privacy Mode

It has an astounding feature of incognito mode which allows chatting in privacy by allowing you to control how long your message is going to stay and private notifications help keep your chats more discreet. This feature allows the privacy that at many times is required in many chats. To make it more confidential the Google cannot read it so Google Assistant features are not workable during this mode. Within the same chat, you and the recipient share the same timer setting. But you can set a different timer each time you start a new chat.


The app had achieved a staggering five-million downloads in just five days since its launch. It was impressive, though not exactly unexpected for a major Google app debut. It could not sustain the response and ranking in top messengers of playstore it holds more than 200th rank.

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Faiz Akhtar
Faiz Akhtar
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