If it’s about Better Positioning and Building a strong customer relationship for the long run, every business house around the world is exploiting new ways and modes to retain its clients and finding the new one in the market.

The same notion is adopting by hospitality pioneers as well, who are catering to a variety of digital technologies to accelerate the business growth on diverse geographical locations, these days. If you go deep down inside, then you will surely find this trend is not limited to check in and check out the procedure through a smartphone, but it is expanding to provision for the wealth of information through smart bots and lot more.

Overseeing the prominence of technology in Hospitality Christopher Nassetta, President & CEO, Hilton Worldwide says, “Hilton Hotels are revolutionizing the hotel experience by offering guests the ability to check-in, select rooms and customize the hospitality experience all from their Smartphones.’’

Here, we will observe some innovative trends that are accelerating business operations in the hospitality sector in a dramatic manner:

1) Real-Time Interaction with Guests

Now a day, various hoteliers are utilizing Beacon technology to interact in a more personalized way with the guests within the hotel proximity. If a guest is having Bluetooth on the mobile device, then they can get promotional information and greetings during their stay. All these marketing efforts help the Hospitality chain to engage with their clients instantaneously, which leads to customer retention and increase the revenue for the business.

2) Improving Customer Relationship

With the support of Customer Relationship Management system, the hoteliers can input the likes and preferences of customers into their database, so that they could analyze the common requirements and behavior of guests including in-room beverage choices and the number of hangers by the client. This helps in providing more personalized service at their next stay in the hotel.

3) Artificial Intelligence for a Customer Service

To provide a customized level of support, chatbots are being deployed by the companies as well. Within the hotel premises, they exploit analytics to offer suggestions based on a customer’s stay at the hotel. Using talk bots, the clients can process the service requests and receives information about the history of the hotel. In addition to this, they help customers to place the room service orders on behalf of them.

4) Infrared Scanners for Avoiding Disruptions

Various hotel pioneers are exploiting infrared scanners to minimize the disruptions created by the housekeeping staff. With the help of it, the operations division can be able to detect the heat from the body and gives a clear idea to the housekeeping staff about whether they have to come or not.

5) Smart Keys for Room Access System

Gone are those days when a guest has to carry the keys for the room all the time during the stay. With the advent of smart room keys, customers can unlock their room by swiping their smartphones across a pad on the door, which provides digital guest exposure at the hotel premises.

Now it can safely be said that, in the current business scenario, Hospitality domain cannot survive without innovation. From operations like check-in/out and constant customer feedback through talk bots, every function is being embraced on virtual platforms and web technologies.

As the marketing trend is changing, the client’s expectations and demand are significantly increased to one step ahead. At this time, technology is the only option that may take the hospitality sector to the next level. And as a Leading Software development company, Coding Brains offers a full range of IT solutions and consultation for various aspects of Hospitality functions.

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Faiz Akhtar
Faiz Akhtar
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