How to choose the correct Route optimization software for your business?

Route optimization software can benefit businesses to help them manage routes and fleets. The best route is that optimization software offers affordable ways to significantly and exceptionally improve the profitability and productivity of businesses. It helps create the most efficient driving route that minimizes miles, which automatically reduces fleet fuel consumption along with vehicle wear and tear and overtime costs.

The route optimization software market size is expected to grow from USD 2.95 billion in 2018 to USD 5.07 billion by 2023.

How do I choose route optimization software?

While route optimization is becoming an ever-present need, it is also essential and necessary for organizations to choose their Enterprise Route Optimizer wisely, which is worth every penny.

We have compiled a list of 7 essential characteristics of supply management software that can help you choose the right route optimization software for your business.

Web route optimization

The best last-mile delivery software solutions, such as a delivery route planner or delivery routing software, are generally accessible via the web, which allows users to log in directly to their account by accessing the software in a browser via a website. Delivery route planning software is generally subscription-based in such cases.

This is an essential parameter for any real-time delivery tracking software because this way users don’t have to maintain, install or update anything on their computer. The moment users sign up for a subscription, they can access their account, view their dashboards, start optimizing routes and save money.

Accommodates multiple routes for multiple vehicles

When you’re in the logistics or fleet management business, you tend to have many vehicles in each fleet that offer services like deliveries, pickups, and service calls. In such a situation, fleet managers must carefully plan the most feasible and shortest route that would take the least amount of transportation time.

So the delivery route planning software offers visualization through mapping at the same time, in different colors, and generates several optimized routes that allow fleet managers and drivers to use the route that has the minimum service time while redirecting the previously planned route to complete the delivery. When route planners can visually see all routes, it becomes clear that some stops should be reassigned to another vehicle, increasing overall efficiency.

Fast processing of optimized routes

Time is money in the business of real-time pickup, delivery, and service calls. Delivery management software with features like routes or multiple stops is no good and serves no purpose unless they are processed in real-time and quickly. Since fleet managers and drivers have to deal with real-time services, it is critical that processing is real-time and fast to prevent the best results by optimizing the results.

The best route optimization software and delivery management system software should take a few seconds to process the optimized route. If it takes several minutes to find the optimal route for each request, then such a delivery management system is a waste.

Universal formats for importing and exporting data

Businesses often need to feed data into the system and export data from the system for data analysis. In the digital age, it makes no sense and is absolutely obsolete to manually enter addresses into the system. The most ideal and efficient way to import and export address information of specific locations into a route optimization or delivery management software system is to upload it using universal formats such as .xls, .pdf, .csv, etc.

If your software can’t easily do the data “back and forth”, throw it away. Instead, get software that can receive location data via a CSV or Excel file.


Any business with a fleet, regardless of size – small or large – can benefit from route planning software. If you plan to build such amazing software with the above attributes. Coding Brains helps you build a delivery application that comes with an intelligent and comprehensive set of technology stacks that generate optimal and profitable delivery routes along with efficient resource utilization. For more information, please contact us at Coding Brains.

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