Today I would like to talk about How to choose right  Mobile App Development Team?

To build a Great App, one need to understand App is just not a piece of code, it’s more about synchronized work between you and your Development Team starting from Brainstorming, Design to Business Flow, Work Flow, Deployment, and Support.

What to Look for your App Development Team?

  1. Should work in your Time Zone, you cannot afford communication gap.
  2. Your Team should be excellent in spoken English.
  3. Should have Sense of Aesthetics
  4. Most important you don’t need Coders, your need Thinkers who can code as well.

Written By
Adam Thompson
Adam Thompson
Adam is the CEO of Coding Brains. He manages an ever growing staff of sales, programmers, and graphic artists. Oversees day-to-day operations and customer satisfaction. Adam travels between US and India to manage the oversea office. With past experience running numerous outsourcing business, such as call centers and tech support, Adam brings to the table a business-mind and the drive to think of easy solutions for big projects.