Hey Everyone,

Wish you are doing great. Today I would like to talk about How to build a great product with your Offshore Team?

Whether you are building a small WordPress website or an Enterprise Level Product or A Mobile App.

Some key points help a lot to build a great product with your Offshore team:

1) Always try to be as detailed as possible with requirements, inadequately defined requirement ends up with project delays and over expense.;

2) Don’t look for Coding and Design Team but a Thinker team which can Code and Design as well. Good products are not built but they are evolved with Team Efforts.

3) Your Offshore Team should work in your Time Zone. No factor is a big killer then the communication Gap.

4) While choosing your Offshore Development Team, primary choosing factor should not be the cost but the part that how much value and thought process they bring to the table.Everyone knows you save when you go Offshore but not many people know that If your choose plain vanilla Programmers but not thinkers you actually end up spending more even with Offshore.

Written By
Amol Pandey
Amol Pandey
Amol is the Director of Operations of Coding Brains. He has vast and diverse experience managing major projects of top banks across the globe. He has managed major projects for major manufacturing clients. Amol managed and delivered a credit risk management system for a large Australian bank, literally from paper to product. Have worked in all major geographies with big shots of banking and also the manufacturing industry to enable a smooth ride in their IT projects.