Stay Home, stay safe


Humans are going through tough times. The global pandemic has changed a lot in terms of lifestyle and the way we work. Whatever be the case, the human race is made for survival. That’s always being the same. Humans never say “Nope!” to survive. When there is a will, there is a way as the experienced guys say. Following those thoughts, we have come across different ways of survival.

Here are the few technology hacks that help us moving forward in this lockdown:

1) Work from Home

This lockdown is an exceptional situation for organizations. Many employees wouldn’t have heard about terms like remote work, telecommuting, and social distancing, etc. before. But for the survival of the human race, we have adapted to keep us rolling. Online Chatting Apps have become powerful enough to carry us all through. Time tracking apps helps organizations to keep track of employees and other workers.

2) Virtual Hangouts:

Social Distancing is new for us. Every human is different in terms of looks, thinking, and views. This is the beauty of the human race. It allows us to know someone else and understand their views and lifestyle. Is social distancing is going to ruin one of the most important aspects of life? No, simply not, this is not going to happen. Virtual hangouts apps like Facebook Live or Instagram Live have made virtual hangouts possible. We can be together again and yes because of technology.

3) Online Classes and Education:

The education sector has seen a drastic impact due to the shutdown of schools, colleges, and universities.

According to a report published by UNESCO, more than 89% of the student population all across the globe has been affected. There is an immediate need for solutions for students, teachers, and parents. And Solutions that can enable teachers to conduct their classes. Also, Solutions that do not compromise on privacy are simple to use and also don’t involve a longer learning curve. Online Meeting Apps like Zoom, GoToMeeting, and Virtual ClassRooms have raised their standards to meet this demand as a solution. Finally, we have said yes to Home Schools.

4) Final touches

Business around the world has certainly been going through a change and we at Coding Brains are helping various organizations to adopt these changes in a positive manner. Feel free to reach us at any time for a technical consultation in your business to adapt the changes smoothly. Reach us at We are waiting to have a sip of coffee with you, that too virtually.  

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Faiz Akhtar
Faiz Akhtar
Faiz is the Technical Content Writer for our company. He interacts with multiple different development teams in Coding Brains and writes amazing articles about new technology segments company is working on. Every now and then he interviews our clients and prepares video & audio feedback and case studies.