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Across every industry, organizations are coming to know that how technology can help them in achieving their objectives. Retailers have been using beacons to send personalized marketing messages to individuals based on where they are inside the store. Hospitals are also using technology to track patients and understand what experiences they are having which helps in reducing readmission rates.

In the year 2014, only 30 percent of businesses were using Managed Service Providers but in the year 2015, this figure doubled itself.

New technologies give very powerful opportunities for enterprises and also introduce challenges. The pace with which changes happen in the IT sector is very surprising. It is no more possible for IT departments to standardize on one or two computer models or a single operating system. Also, a shortlist of approved applications.

All the mobile devices are cloud-based and bring a lot of possibilities and also provide platforms and apps for IT departments to manage and secure.

For a lot of organizations, the challenges add up to a very big expense, it would include the cost involved in hiring and training the qualified workers, purchasing the infrastructure to support the technologies, and keeping all the systems secure and fully up to date.

Many organizations look forward to Managed Service Providers for help. If we trust a third party to handle cloud deployments, data center solutions, mobile initiatives, collaborations tools, and security, organizations can spend their time and money on the core objective of the business.

Managed Service Providers are now taking a holistic approach to IT services which will result in a higher standard. Top service providers have been offering ongoing management and maintenance for the infrastructure that is involved which leads to a higher standard of a lot of organizations.

A lot of service providers have also been giving management and maintenance support with end-user support and service guarantees.


Trusting the organization with Managed Service Providers has a lot of benefits.


1) Giving Freedom to IT staff : 

IT departments are stretched thin. If we outsource back-end functions by changing technologies at a faster pace. It will further their core objectives and also promote innovations.

2) Being Competent to Handle The IT expertise: 

Every business struggles to fill the IT positions, which include cyber security and mobile app development. Outsourcing the functions to a partner with technically skilled and important engineers in continuous new technologies will alleviate these pressures.

3) Availability Throughout The Year:

With a Managed Service Provider, the help is always available to the people during the day, nights, weekend, or holidays which would thus support users. This has happened because 9 to 5 timing is too outdated these days. When the customer requires help, it is available anytime because of the Managed Service Provider.

4) The Burden of Compliance is shifted: 

Along with regular audits, a lot of organizations are bound to meet the standards and the requirements with the IT initiatives they have. Understanding all these regulations the pressure is shifted to a properly Managed Service Provider thus focusing on tasks that are more important.

So, every organization would need adequate networks, security ad storage. To provide all this instead of training staff, deploying systems and managing equipment will take a lot of resources and involve a lot of costs.  If organizations are able to outsource Managed Service Providers it will become possible for organizations to break down their costs into fixed payments, as opposed to the large expenditure involved in managing the systems in-house. For more information on Managed Service Providers, please contact Coding Brains.

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Faiz Akhtar
Faiz Akhtar
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