How is Windows network Monitoring user-friendly for all Windows users?

The Coding Brians team strives to make our software as intuitive and user-friendly as possible, so we’ve redesigned our Windows Network Monitoring Agent to make it easier to install and use than ever before. Use the Windows Agent to perform network assessments, troubleshoot network problems, and continuously monitor network performance.

For complete installation instructions, see our Windows Agent Installation Guide documentation article. Windows Network Monitor is in the form of a software agent that can be deployed in the Windows operating system. The agent works with Windows version 8 and later.

According to researchers, the Agent software is 75%  easier to install and accessible to most users. 

What changes have been made to perform a network assessment?

The coding is a result of the previous Windows-compatible Network Monitoring Agent, which was built and delivered by Linux and used WSL 2 as its backend. After thoroughly testing the Agent and receiving feedback, we decided to move to an Agent built entirely on Windows.

Our improved Windows Agent provides a much faster installation process and is more user-friendly than ever for all our Windows users.

Windows Agent key features:

Network performance monitoring in Windows allows you to gather information about the network metrics that most affect network performance and receive alerts for any performance degradation or network issues.

Windows Network Monitoring Agent offers users some key features to help them with comprehensive network monitoring.

1) Availability and ease of use:

Windows Agent makes network monitoring in Windows easier than ever. With simplified installation, users can install, integrate and start monitoring network performance in minutes. Windows Software Agent is one of the many types of Obkio agents, which gives users the flexibility to monitor network performance using different operating systems, environments, servers, etc.

2) Remote network monitoring:

Working from home? No problem! Windows Agent is ideal for monitoring network performance and troubleshooting network problems in home and remote offices. Easily install the Agent at any remote location and monitor network performance all the way to your company’s network, or track issues you may be having with the Internet, VoIP, VPN, and more. You can also check out Obkio’s remote network monitoring solution.

3) Deployment for multiple users at the same time:

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again – Windows Agent is designed for easy installation. Multi-user deployment with proven deployment profiles that reduce the need to manually create and configure agents.

4) VPN monitoring:

The Windows Agent is ideal for helping you monitor your VPN’s performance with access to various network metrics to help you troubleshoot any VPN issues.

5) End-to-end visibility:

Monitor end-to-end network performance with Windows Agent, including WIFI and Internet connectivity and continuous monitoring of your LAN. Your Agent will automatically notify you if it detects any performance issues.

6) Collect network device metrics:

Windows Agent uses Device Monitoring with SNMP Monitoring to continuously measure performance metrics associated with network devices such as firewalls, routers, switches, and any other SNMP-enabled devices to help you troubleshoot network issues faster.

7) Automatic uninstallation:

No longer using Agent on a certain device? Windows Agent will automatically uninstall if you delete the application from your computer, keeping everything clean for you.

Coding Brains is a simple network performance monitoring solution that enables users to continuously monitor the health of their network and core business applications to improve the end-user experience – because nothing is more frustrating than a failing connection.

For more information on Windows features, contact us at coding Brains.

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