How is Enterprise Application Integration going to improve your business?

Large companies have always depended on each other and especially for the past few years, on software applications to give out any kind of critical business services. Whether it is customer relationships or business intelligence or whether it is supply chains are always managed with this very complex software.

Bringing in CRM, SCM, and other acronym-monitored software programs which can bring terrific benefits to any business. It hugely streamlines almost every business process and also enables more and more robust data collection and analysis for the same, and it can help people communicate better with every colleague, customer, and any kind of supplier.

It is very unfortunate to know that enterprise applications don’t always play nicely with each other. Just Because that’s the case, information that is needed can be shared across applications and can be easily stored in silos. This would mean that data has to be tediously ported over to another application for other business purposes. That’s the kind of inefficiency that technology should drive out of the business operations.

What is Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)?

With the help of enterprise application integration, different programs can function together. Enterprise application integration can easily enable data to flow from one program to another and also provide interfaces to manage the data flow easily.

Enterprise application integration when correctly applied helps companies to realize the full benefit of their software investments: The ability to use data as much as possible.

Common Applications Targeted for Enterprise Application integration

Most the large companies have been using at least several kinds of software and types of data that are candidates for integration:

  • Supply chain management (SCM)
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Business intelligence and analytics
  • Human resources data
  • Internal and marketing communications
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • E-commerce optimization

Benefits of Enterprise Application Integration

1) Information Sharing:

Enterprise application integration enables the flow of information between separate software programs inside a company along with the company’s computer systems. Enterprise Application Integration can easily consolidate efforts of Data collection, thus eliminating the relatedness of having each application collect and store data for its purposes. Enterprise application integration can also create a single point of direct access to data for the people who would need it. This would mean that employees can spend less time searching for more information, Also the data that procure is often more complete and correct. Enterprise application integration would also enable more effective collaboration among individual people and departments.

2) Process of Automation:

Enterprise application integration can easily streamline processes that would include data or activity from a lot of software applications. Let’s Say Data from a CRM can be included with a great e-mail marketing platform to deliver targeted messages to them which is based on customers and their prior behavior. All this effort could then be coupled together with an analytics package to measure and see the success of the campaign and the email. All this data can be greatly integrated with an ERP system to help the company invest resources which will be most effective.

3) Reducing IT Complexity:

A lot of enterprise-level companies are finding it difficult to use new technology easily and effectively. This learning curve is often very steep, and a new kind of application may not work well with the systems which are already in place. Enterprise application integration overcomes these roadblocks to smoothen the business processes by bringing together the information and functionality of several applications into a single and easy-to-use interface.

4) Increased Agility in business applications:

One of the highest business benefits of enterprise application integration is that it has the capability to allow organizations to see and recognize and also respond to more and more opportunities very quickly. Enterprise application integration can help all the companies which address shifts in the market, all this is possible to take place with just a single interface.

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