How is Accounting Software managed and accurately organised?

Accounting Software for your small business can quickly turn into a complex and time-consuming process. As the business continues to grow, so does your accounting. You have to create more invoices, make new journal entries, create financial statements, and the list goes on.

This is why most businesses these days use accounting software to manage their accounting. Accounting software can help you automate most of the steps in the accounting cycle, allowing you to spend your time on what really matters, like growing your business.

In today’s digital world, accounting software development has become a key aspect of modern businesses and according to research helps in keeping 90% bookkeeping.

Do you want to know the main advantages and benefits of using online accounting software for your business?

What is online accounting software?

Online or cloud-based accounting software (also known as desktop accounting software) is a tool that helps accountants, bookkeepers, or business owners manage and automate accounting transactions and accounts for a business.

Simply put, accounting software helps you automate tasks within the accounting process.

For example, you can automate the process of creating a journal entry every time a payment is made through your company bank account. Or you can even generate a financial statement with a single mouse click. Which is something that could take hours if you used a spreadsheet.

While there are many advantages and benefits that come with using accounting software, here are the best ones.

5 benefits of using an accounting software:

#1. Access accounting data 

The most obvious advantage of cloud accounting software over any traditional accounting system is that computer accounting software allows you to access your data whenever you want and from any device you want.

 All you need is a device connected to the Internet and a browser (or mobile app).

This has a lot of benefits for businesses of any size. No need to ask your accountant to prepare it three days in advance. Just log in to the platform, go to the Financial Reports section and download the financial statement you need.

#2. Easier collaboration

Cloud accounting software makes collaboration very easy.

Remember the days when you had to make changes to a spreadsheet, save it to a USB drive, and then give it to colleagues so they also had the most up-to-date version of the financial statements?

Well, those days are long gone.

With cloud accounting software, one of the main benefits is that everyone gets real-time access to accounting and financial data. So all your employees have to do is log into the platform and do what they need to do.

No obstacles, no time wasted.

Multiple users can work on the same accounting data in real-time without interfering with each other.

Additionally, online accounting software allows you to provide different levels of access to different users. This way, you can customize permissions based on the set of accounting or bookkeeping functions that the user needs to perform.

#3. Save time with automation

Much of the work that an accountant or bookkeeper has to do on a daily basis is very manual and repetitive. You get it. Most steps in the accounting cycle can be automated. For starters, you can automate the creation of journal entries. All you have to do is integrate your bank directly with your accounting software. This way, every time you make or receive a payment, a journal entry is automatically created and assigned to the correct accounts.

You can also automate things like financial reporting (eg create a statement every X day of the month). Or you can even set up automatic vendor payments.

However, we should keep in mind that not all cloud accounting software always offers the same degree of accounting automation. If you’re looking for accounting software that excels at automation, you should give Deskera a try. Get a free trial with this link, no credit card is required!

#4. Improved accounting security

One of the biggest benefits of cloud accounting software is that all your accounting data is safely secured in the cloud.

This means your data is covered with layers of cutting-edge encryption algorithms, making it much safer than leaving it on a shelf in the office.

And the best part is that all your data is always in sync. So it is not only safer but also fresh.

As a result, businesses have had to spend quite a bit of time integrating accounting and bookkeeping data into their disaster recovery plans. This in turn meant higher costs and more wasted time.

With online accounting software, you’ll never have to worry about backing up your data again – the system will do it for you.

#5. Improved accounting and bookkeeping accuracy

With online accounting software, you can say goodbye to the most common accounting mistakes.

Online accounting software will ensure that your accounting records are organised correctly and accurately, every time.

And that’s just a very simple example of how accounting software can help you maintain more accurate accounting and financial data for your business.

But with online accounting software, you will never have to deal with such problems because all the data is synchronized in the cloud.


This will make your financial reports more accurate and your team will be able to make faster decisions and better prioritize.

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