The culture of Nightlife has always been popular among youngsters regardless of any region when it comes to avoiding stress and socialize with your friend zone, as a consequence more and more pubs picked up the pace in the country. That’s why operating a Bar or Pub, nowadays, is highly competitive Business within the Hospitality Sector in the United States. But if you observe closely at Area of Function which is diversifying right now, Pubs are not limited for consumer’s top preference for Diverse Alcoholic Beverages only, but they are gaining upper hand for serving Lunch and Dinner as well with the emerging digital trends, that is competing one Business to another in the Industry.

It is a proven fact that if you don’t embrace innovation with the passing time, you give a chance to rival, to step you over in the Market. Analyzing the Dire Necessity of Innovation in the Hospitality Sector Simon Stenning, Executive Director of MCA, says, “Our 2016 Pub Market Report showed that loyalty is the second highest ranking factor (after the food offer) that consumer says influences their decision on whether to go to a pub. That’s where operators need to use technology to interact and engage with customers better.”

Here in this Post, we are going to explore some innovative trends that are being introduced by Bar Operators, which are helping them to maintain a competitive advantage over rivals, improving Guest Service and gradually move ahead towards Revenue Generation for the past few years:

1) Enhanced Guest Experience with Secure Digital Identity

While moving into a Hotel or Restaurants, if you have to go through verification procedure, then it won’t be a big deal. But the same process happens with you at next visit then it makes you cry when you have tight schedules.

Acknowledging this sort of hassle, famous Nightclubs in the United States are exploiting Facial Recognition Software for ID Verification. So that frequent pub goers wouldn’t have to waste their precious time in verification procedure at the establishment. Furthermore, this trend enables Pub Staff to priorities customer’s preferences regarding the favorite brand of beverages, when he walked in last time.

2) Making Guests Happy with Convenient Payment Option

To Remain Agile in this Fast Paced competitive environment by avoiding traditional modes of payment, Bar Operators are utilizing Contactless Point of Sale Card Payment System, to manage Drink Prices and accelerate order speeds, with easy to navigate and interactive Specifications. As they knew that most of the credit cards and Debit cards are inbuilt with contactless methodology, Millennials or Tech Geeks prefer online quick modes of payment when they are in Bar. If Pub is equipped with POS Terminals, they would like to go for if it’s about creating a purchase order for customized menus with processed payments in a second.

3) Connecting Intended Community on Virtual Landscape

With the Advancement of Digital Trends, Nightclubs are exploiting Mobile Applications as well for maintaining a profitable relationship with their Target Audience as well as the existing one. Unlike the common Functionalities and Features, you can reserve a table online, get text alerts for promotional offers, previous guest profiles with reviews on Mobile Platform in one go. All these things are providing a seamless experience to the Younger Consumers, who are tech nerds and wish to live to the fullest.

4) Sponsored Events for Brand Positioning

To get an edge and speed up the Marketing Operations Various Night clubs has been associated with Local Rugby and Soccer Team for providing Jerseys and other Sports Stuffs, as a way to promote their Business. After Maintaining a relationship with the college and companies, they let them know about funding their Sports team and Business events. This is a simple way to identify your Service among the people that attracts them at the doorstep of Bar when they are in the mood of Fun and Frolic.

5) Entertaining Ambience with Gaming Facilities

Offering Beer or specific Mixed Beverages by Bartender is not an uncommon sight that you imagine before stepping in a Pub. But the Question is what else do you expect, that keeps a person coming back for more. At this Situation, no one would have the exact answer if they are not frequent goers. Actually, with passing time, Bar owners realized that if they have to convert their patrons as loyal one, they won’t let them Bored for any moment when they walk in premises. With the advent of this thought, they are incorporating with games to keep guests amused while attending an event such as beat the Bartender, Darts, Wall of Records and many more while socializing with loved ones.

As Noted Above, In the current Digital Scenario, whether if we talk about Bar or Nightclub, the attention of service operators is not limited to keeping customers’ glasses full, but they have to remain competitive by responding innovative technologies in order to provide a seamless experience to the guests. And as a Leading Software development company, Coding Brains offers a full range of IT solutions for various aspects of Hospitality functions.

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Faiz Akhtar
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