How can Pharmacy Management software help your business in data storage and organization?

Pharmacy management software or commonly referred to as pharmacy software is a system that stores complete information about pharmacy processes. It helps in data storage, organizes the entire system, controls medication use, and increases customer satisfaction. With the increasing technology in this modern era, pharmacy software is a golden opportunity for pharmacy owners. The software vendors have designed the software in such a way that it helps the business owner to control their inventory, accounting, and choose the right medicines based on the background data analysis using the software.

Pharmacists use the features of a primary pharmacy management system to fully digitize their pharmacy. As per research, using pharmacy software with all basic and advanced features of pharmacy software helps in controlling all business activities with increasing profits by 78%.

In the daily routine, patients sometimes prefer to visit the pharmacy for a common medicine instead of going to the doctor, and the advanced features of the pharmacy software help in designing medicines based on salt composition for these minor ailments.

Now that we have discussed the importance of pharmacy software, let’s move forward and discuss some important features of a pharmacy management system.

7 key features of the Pharmacy management system

1) Management of the prescription:

The regulations are difficult to read; they are illegible to patients and therefore may confuse them. Illegibility of prescriptions is also a source of errors in administering the correct medicine. With the help of the software, the pharmacist will not have to read the prescriptions over and over again. The pharmacist can save the prescription record and repeat the medication as needed. Data stored in the system reduces the likelihood of errors.

2) SMS and notifications:

With the help of a pharmacy management system, pharmacists can receive early alerts and alerts from the software if any of the patients need the medicine soon or if the medicine is about to expire. It can schedule text messages to be sent to patients, prompting them to purchase the next dose of medicine in advance. This is one of the best features of pharmacy software and helps improve customer relations. The customer can also just reply to the message about whether to refill the medicine and the pharmacist can simply deliver the medicine to the patient.

3) Reporting: 

Proper data reporting and analysis leads to more informed decision-making and huge profits. Pharmacists interact with many business managers, patients, doctors, and medical representatives daily. However, it is not possible to remember all the details manually. That’s why pharmacy software comes into being, all the data related to each can be easily stored in a system that can be analyzed later for growth strategies. These reports provide valuable information about which part of the business is performing well and which needs improvement.

4) Management of the doctor/MR committee: 

One of the key features of pharmacy software is managing commissions. In the pharmacy, it is imperative to keep track of which prescription or which medical representative sold which medicine. Every prescription and drug sold at the pharmacy is counted for a commission that can be easily calculated using the software.

This means “no more scams, no more mistakes”.

5) Validity Management:

Another mandatory function of the pharmacy management system is expiration management. Pharmacies generally suffer huge losses due to expired products. In each pharmacy, drugs are purchased in bulk with different MRPs and expiry dates, making it difficult for pharmacists to check each drug. Unknowingly, many medicines have expired, lying on the shelves, which can finally only be thrown into the trash. If an expiration management software is implemented, it will call for near-expiration drugs that the pharmacist can sell to the customer or return to the supplier. This saves huge losses and also the products are not wasted.

6) Order Management:

Setting reorder points, knowing when to restock, which product is performing better in inventory, and so on… Such essential insights help any pharmacist stay organized and informed. Pharmacists can set the minimum and maximum stock level point, the software will indicate whenever the stock reaches the minimum level, and he/she can place a new order. The system will also suggest the best purchase option with the schemes of the nearest suppliers and suggest how to save more.

7) Digital collections: 

In the new normal, everyone follows social distancing. Customers want to pay online and at the pharmacy, the risk of being hit is the greatest. Therefore, in the interest of health and safety, pharmacies must have a digital collection option where the patient can pay without touching anything.


Now that we have covered a few essential features that your pharmacy management software must have, you can now choose the right pharmacy management software for your pharmacy. Coding Brains can provide you with pharmaceutical software equipped with many more advanced features that can help you achieve super-fast business growth.

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