How can CRM website integration help you track customer satisfaction?

Simply put, CRM integration is the glue that holds different computer systems together. Connecting your website to third-party systems. These third-party systems include CRM, account solutions, merchandising systems, trading platforms, gateways, and networks. Integration is very simple as it just involves importing an Excel spreadsheet of products or complex CRM solutions like Salesforce or Sage. Integrating your website with third-party platforms and applications has several benefits for your marketing, including processes, automation, seamless management, and better communication. According to researchers, 68% of all people leave a company because of “perceived indifference”.

That means 7 out of every 10 of your customers will leave you because they don’t think you care about them or don’t value their business.

Provides a better customer experience

Leading companies to understand that they are in the business of customer experience. They understand how an organization delivers to customers is as important as what it delivers. Marketers are trying to put the customer at the center of the business and focus on improving their experience.

If you’re not fully supporting your customers at every stage as they research your products, compare prices, chat with customer service and engage with your business, you risk providing a poor experience thus losing a significant percentage of customers. Investing in technology to help you is perhaps the best business decision you can make.

Better profiling

The biggest obstacle to customer experience marketing is that you don’t know your customers well enough to provide them with relevant offers and personalized experiences. Getting a complete, individual view of customers is key, and that means your customer data can’t be in silos or missing data from social media or other channels.

A key benefit of any CRM is the ability to profile customers or prospects to determine what they might buy, their lifetime value, and much more. The more data you have about your customers, the easier it is to create a complete profile.

Customer profiling goes a long way in determining the success of your marketing campaign. Whether you’re targeting business or consumer prospects, to communicate effectively with them, you need to understand who they are.

Keep customer churn to a minimum

As a result of the improved customer experience described in the first part. Customers are happy that their question is dealt with quickly and by the right person. Other little things like sending an automatic acknowledgment of receipt or a thank you email can make the customer happy again that their inquiry has been taken care of. Make sure you demonstrate your value and that you understand their wants and needs.

A CRM website integration can help you track customer satisfaction. You are supporting your customer care efforts. You move them up the loyalty ladder to a customer who loves your brand enough to buy from you repeatedly and share your business by word of mouth.

Higher productivity and less admin work

HubSpot’s State of Inbound 2018 report details how 32% of sales reps spend more than an hour each day entering data.

If your website and CRM aren’t integrated, then you’re probably wasting time entering data. Either you export it from the web and then import it into your CRM, or even worse, you manually copy and paste it, or worst of all, you don’t capture this data in your CRM at all.

Reliable and consistent information

Leading the way with 62% was improving the quality of marketing data. This result is encouraging because if you don’t have accurate data, you could make worse decisions than if you didn’t have any data.

A single (accurate) view of the customer

A single view of the customer brings together data from a number of different sales, marketing and customer channels to create a single, accurate record for each customer. Integrating your CRM with your website support will create just one single customer view. Consumers today expect businesses to treat them as individuals and tailor communications to them. In fact, a survey of 2,057 UK consumers found “84% of customers said they would leave if a company didn’t listen”.

Increase sales from your marketing

Wouldn’t it be great if your CRM could talk to your website and get all the lead data your campaigns are generating?

I’ve touched on this a few times before, but integrating your website with your CRM should help you improve your organization’s sales. It basically boils down to one thing – higher volumes and more accurate data lead to better profiles, which leads to better quality leads, which in turn leads to higher sales conversion rates.

Improving the result

Each of these benefits aims to improve the effectiveness of your marketing and your business’s bottom line. Less time spent on administration improved marketing reach and better sales performance.

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