How can barcode scanner software effectively track assets and instantly retrieve data?

Many modern businesses today use barcode scanning software and reap the benefits of this technology. Barcodes were invented as early as 1951, as were their scanners. However, barcodes took a long time to become successful. It was in the 1960s that they were first used for industrial prospects. Barcodes have their versatile uses in every industry and context such as retail chains, manufacturing units, the healthcare industry, and many more.

Barcode technology effectively tracks assets and instantly retrieves data by simply scanning a barcode. According to researchers Several leading organizations such as Amazon use barcode technology for its 100% accuracy in tracking inventory and assets.

Barcode scanners

Barcode scanners are optical sensors that read a printed barcode, decode its data, and then transmit it to a connected computer system.

Types of barcode scanners:

Barcode scanners are differentiated based on the technology they use to scan the barcode. Below are the main types of barcode scanners in use:

1) Pen-type scanner: It consists of a light source and a photodiode for reading the barcode. The pen tip moves across the barcode lines at a uniform speed.

2) Laser Scanner: It is used in the same way as a pen-type scanner but uses a laser as the light source to read the barcode.

3) LED scanner: It uses an array of hundreds of small light sources arranged in a row, which are used to measure the emitted ambient light from the barcode in order to read and decode it.

4) Camera-based scanner: It works in the same way as LED scanners but generates an image in a 2D field of light sources. The barcode that appears on the image is thus decoded.

5) Omnidirectional barcode scanner: It uses a multi-angle arrangement of scanning lines to be projected onto a barcode. They are most often used in supermarkets.

6) Mobile phone camera: 2D barcodes such as QR codes and data matrix codes are scanned for the smartphone camera.

Working with barcode scanners:

How barcode scanner software works are Barcodes are read through dashes and dots, which are converted into numbers. Thanks to scanner technology, scanning, reading, and decoding barcodes have become easy with a fast reading of black and white zebra lines.

Scanned barcodes are transferred to the output of the scanner or a connected computer device or system to easily identify product information for the organization’s database.

The following steps involve scanning, reading, and decoding the barcode:

  • Scanning via laser light or LED light to the barcode.
  • Light is reflected from the barcode to a photocell (an electronic component for detecting light). The black areas reflect a small amount of light and the white lines reflect the main part of the light.
  • As the scanner moves across the barcode at a uniform speed, the photoelectric cell generates an on-off pulse pattern that communicates with the white and black bars on the barcode.
  • The scanner’s electronic circuitry converts the pulses into zeros and ones (binary numbers), which are then sent to an attached computer system.
  • The barcode reader software captures the barcode data and transfers it to a connected computer system. It is an image and data capture software application that increases work efficiency and works together with existing asset management software.

Benefits of barcode scanner software

  • Improved efficiency: Barcode scanner software allows you to work more accurately and read data and information at a fast pace. Scanner technology makes operation and tracking fast and accurate.
  • Reducing the number of errors: Clear entry of data and information through scanner technology strengthens the business and legacy of the organization with reduced errors.
  • Cost-effective: Accurate data transfer to the system makes it possible to maintain the efficiency of all ongoing processes in the company. When everything goes smoothly and without errors, it saves a lot of money that is caused by errors, problems, or human error.
  • Saves time: Barcode scanner software saves a lot of time in organizing and analyzing the quantity and quality of assets, inventory, and products. With scanner technology, it is very efficient compared to the same task of approx. 4 hours for 5 employees together.
  • Increased productivity: Scanner technology helps increase and increase productivity by digitally updating inventory levels or asset movements. The software has significant simplified advantages that also reduce the training time of the applications.
  • Business Intelligence: The software makes it easy to record and maintain data for every update regarding transactions or operations, digitally and track them.


Barcode scanner software can be implemented for any business, institution, or service provider. Software is known to improve operations and solve business problems. Additionally, the barcode scanner app can manage security, attendance, access control, and asset tracking in institutions and organizations.

All this can be achieved with barcode scanners. Nowadays, they have become mobile and laser controlled. Barcode scanning is an integral part of asset tracking and inventory management. Improves accuracy, reduces human error, and improves inventory management discipline. To know more about barcode scanning apps please contact us at Coding Brains.

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