Health Information technology: How is it impacting Healthcare Services and providing big investment opportunities in Health Solutions

Whether the Health Information Technology sector is shining bright nowadays? Why should we invest in the healthcare sector? How to use technology and improve health care services? These are all very commonly asked questions that are asked by businesses developing apps regarding Health Information Technology. If you are also looking out for these questions, you must read on to understand whether the health information technology sector is worth investing in or not.

As per the studies, the Asia Pacific Markets are expected to see a tremendous high in the growth of the Health information technology sector from the year 2019 to 2014.

In this blog, we’re going to talk about the smartphone’s advantages in healthcare, and provide some real-time examples.

Market Outlook: Health Information Technology

The increasing use of smartphones and tablets and advances in mobile technology are all helping to improve healthcare services at a very fast pace. The success rate of patient outcomes is increased because of Health Information Technology advancements. It is also enhancing the quality of the care provided.

Mobile Health is one of the growing IT sectors which works to transform how healthcare centers and providers are interacting with patients. Many research and statics prove that mobile health is one of the fastest-growing sectors. According to one of the Market research in Health Information Technology, the global market is expected to reach 390 billion dollars. The most important driver for this increased growth is the adoption of digital technologies and the development of the health care sector.

Few more of the very interesting stats and future predictions for Health Information Technology market value:

  • Health Information Technology solutions are predicted to grow the highest during the year 2019 to 2014.
  • 65 percent of the consumers believe that virtual care provides improved accessibility and convenience in healthcare services.
  • The primary health information technology market includes audio consultation, video consultation and kiosks.
  • The primary drivers of health adoption digitally are the need for predictive and preventive care, demand for cheaper, less invasive, and accurate treatments and therapies, and patient demand.

What Health Information technology solutions are capable of?

It is very important to look at some of the advantages of mobile health apps to check if good reasons are there to invest in healthcare app development.

  • Improve patient safety and reduce medical errors.
  • Effective use of data that is available through electronic health records.
  • To allow patients with some chronic diseases to manage their health in better order and prevent complications.
  • To track patients’ status of health remotely and provide solutions and treatments which are based on current medical conditions by implying real-time data collection.
  • Medical devices which are responsible for reporting and tracking critical patient information can be integrated with required applications.
  • Can get alarms when vital signs are abnormal, which can be viewed in real-time by the provider through the platform, tablet, etc.
  • Tracking patients’ health behavior with apps for a long period.
  • Track, View and update patient records, test results, pharmacy records, X-rays, test results and all the vital signs in the virtual chart which can be checked with other data.
  • To provide tools for new patient engagement.
  • Search and seek on the go info.
  • Communicate with staff and nurses from tablets, smartphones, and different devices.

Since mobile health continues developing in addressing health information technology needs in many meaningful ways, the mobile health startups that are dedicated to the growth have started to emerge in a big way. Some of these mobile health information technology solution provider companies like coding brains aim to transform the health care services by the accessibility for both patients and providers and increased efficiency of the entire work process. For more information on Healthcare services, please contact Coding Brains.

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