Innovative Technologies are marking their footprints in every segment of the Hospitality industry. And the way the needs and expectations of customers are evolving, it becomes a necessity of Hoteliers to provide seamless service to guests that will help them to edge over rivals if we only talk about to adopting solution such as Self-check-in kiosks.

As per a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Self-Checkout System Market share is estimated to surpass USD 4 billion by 2024.

In Today’s Article, We’ll be discussing how Hotel Pioneers can earn customer loyalty for long if they install Self-service check-in kiosks at their property:

1) Waiting Lines End Here
When People move in a hotel, they stand in a queue at reception waiting for a turn. It happens; either there is a shortage of manpower or Front End Executives are busy with other tasks. In both cases, Guests feel frustrated. Now, if a Hotelier employs a Self-Check in Technology with simple commands, then they can complete the check-in time instantaneously that paves the way to the desired room. And this is the very moment that impacts consumer behavior for choosing the same brand for the next visit.

2) Up-selling Opportunities

Going through the electronic checking system, the software captures attention to guests about inbound services. It lets them aware of special packages over in-house spa amenities as well as promotional discounts on Beverages in a currently opened bar in the Hotel. As a result, the guests get a chance to personally interact with the value-added offerings and indirectly they give their contribution in person to increase the revenue to the next level.

3) Focus only on Guest Service

Deploying Self-check-in kiosks you not only offload the work pressure of Frontend staff but also you can allow other employees to manage necessary operations that could improve the service level during guest’s stay whether we talk about providing an additional room key straight to the guest in a quick manner if it is lost or collecting qualitative feedback for rendered services for improvement.

4) Accurate Data for Next Visit
With a Self-Check in the software, you can overcome manual mistakes by letting guests input their information in the system during the check-in procedure. So the probabilities of errors become minimized and the operations team becomes able to accelerate the guest check-in when they arrive at your premises for the next time in a fast-paced manner.

5) Fueling Promotional Moves

By stored Guest information at Self-service kiosks, you can have valuable insights about room preferences, special requirements or past purchase behavior when your customer last time enjoyed your services. With the help of it, you can send them personalized Marketing emails and push notifications featuring special offers that appeal to the varied needs of a specific customer.

As we stated above, Self-service solution at Hotels in terms of automation improving guest service to a whole new level from the desired room selection to simplifying the clerical job of employees. And as a Leading Hotel Technology Provider, Coding Brains has vast experience in developing Self-check in solution at a pretty cost-effective price.

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Faiz Akhtar
Faiz Akhtar
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