“Google Assistant” a powerful artificial intelligence was released by Google at MWC 2017. It will also be available as an inbuilt virtual assistant form in some phones like Moto G5, Moto G5 Plus, and LG G6 along with many other Android devices which are OS version 6.0 or above will receive them as an update.

The update came in a most different manner unlike many expected it to come as an app but it came in form of Google Play update. Google exceeded expectation by providing update pop-up notification for Google Play Services, which means that Google Assistant has arrived to serve you with its mystic powers.

The virtual assistant tool has been developed with an aim to serve as a helping hand in all sorts of task. It can perform all kinds of responsibility it might be to save a list chores, take magnetic selfies or guiding you through your trips with voice commands. Google Assistant always comes to rescue in time of need.

The above statement proves so true as when you are swamped with the task and it happens so some chores or important tasks just slips out of mind. The reminder feature comes in handy
including providing information on the weather forecast for the next day to learning different languages, Google assistant has the capability to do it all.

The features of Google assistant if used sensibly it can work wonders by getting a grip on your priorities and understanding your mundane activities. The support provided by Google Assistant is more than you can ever get from any personal assistant.

Google Assistant has mind-blowing AI capabilities that make you wonder and this virtual assistant made an entry in latest Android smartphones that are bound to increase your productivity and comfort your everyday burden.

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Faiz Akhtar
Faiz Akhtar
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