Fitness tracking devices are a boon in today’s world as you can easily track your vitals and keep them in check. As the fitness tracking device or application measures distance walked or run, calorie consumption, heart rate and quality of sleep. These devices could be linked to your smartphone for long-term data tracking. The device is best utilized by sportsmen, as they could track their vitals continuously and strengthen their performance avoiding a major injury.

Ease of mobility

Prior such equipment was bulky and could not be carried around in person continuously. By the assistance of technology the device is lighter and innovative and way more helpful. It could be easily carried like an accessory. “Wearable technology is able to monitor that load on a day-by-day basis to ensure those players are not just injury-free but in peak condition for competition,” exact words of Corin Palmer, head of rugby operations for Premiership Rugby. The reliability and demand created through the device are amazing.

Hassle free usage

The device is usable in a hassle free and the most convenient manner. As you only have to wear it or connect it to your smartwatch or smartphone. The work is done by its wearable sensors as it can detect any abnormal and unexpected condition. It monitors thoroughly the physiological parameters and symptoms. The most convenience of the product is that it can monitor continuously without hospitalization. In addition, there is an increasing use and demand in sports training as it also measures sweat rate which was once possible in laboratories only.

Accurate track of physical activity

You can see coaches with their laptops in their stands keeping a constant track of their each player, their fatigue index, collision load, distance covered etc. The device gives an accurate track of physical activity which assists the player to avoid any injury. Its features not only assist in avoiding injury but also pushing your limits under constant check. This accurate track provides athletes the clear picture of their performance compared to what it should be in competition at the highest level. This track makes the athletes know where they stand and how they need to work to acquire their targeted goals.


The scope of wearable technology is great and it’s expected that Internet of everything growth will generate 12.50 trillion dollars and more than 150 million wearable are expected to be shipped in two years. Wearable fully are in hand with Internet of things which increases the charm of the device even more. These wearable open new possibilities for a large number of people and have an everlasting effect on the sports industry.

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Faiz Akhtar
Faiz Akhtar
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