The digital revolution is changing many industries including travel industry. After observing the changed inclinations and behavioral pattern of travelers the concept mobile app became popular. A travel app is a great and platform for agencies that will enable the prospective travelers to plan various activities which would be one click away.

Features popular for Travel Agency Mobile App

It is critical to know the features to be included in a travel app in order to receive highest returns possible to justify the investment of travel agencies in the mobile app. Below are features listed for a mobile app for travel agencies:

1. Automatic Travel Itinerary Generator

It is noted in a recent report from leading travel companies that people prefer to plan their trips themselves rather than taking up readymade itineraries.

On observing it the travel agencies majorly prefer one specific feature which is an ‘automatic itinerary generator’ for travel mobile app to entice their users. This feature works based on the ‘location’ entered by the user, itinerary generator prepares travel plan in accordance with the number of days desired including details of sightseeing places to visit and activities to be done.

2. Weather Forecast, Offline Site Map and Navigation

It is essential to be aware of the climate of the destination for the travelers. The mobile app by travel agency will enable the users to successfully access the information to users on day and night temperature of any specific place. The app also permits to punch any dates for weather info is favored by users as it allows them to plan future trips.

Maps and navigation and travelers go hand in hand it’s a must feature that should be in the travel mobile app. Hence, this is also one of the required features by travel agencies that too if it available in offline mode the travelers will not have to download and use third-party apps for the same.

Just type the place on the ‘map’ and utilize the navigation to reach the destination at least possible time. Notably in travel mobile apps, keeping in mind the weak cellular networks and internet connection in remote locations offline map and navigation functionality comes in handy.

3. Travel Mobile App Online Booking

One of the essential features for travel mobile apps is online booking. As this feature actually contributes to the main purpose of users and even travel agencies. This makes the business convenient by providing the user’s ability to book the trip themselves without going anywhere or looking through various brochures. And this empowers the users to use the facilities which are just a click away.

4. In-Built Currency Converter and Translator

The features like ‘currency converter’ and ‘language translator’ are one of the highlights of travel app for its users. Just for example if a person is planning a trip to another country or continent altogether these features are going to work like lifesavers as they can convert their currency to that location’s currency or vice-versa. The same comes here for ‘language translator’ feature, one of the most eminent if you traveling to a distant place with another local language in use. It will enable the traveler to communicate with local people.

These features are a must inclusion by travel agencies for their mobile apps as they are user aligned characteristics and improve the usability of travel mobile app drastically.

5. Reviews, Recommendations, and Feedback

Reviews, recommendations, and feedback are the most required and eminent for travel industries by the past users. It is possible that users planning to visit a place that they might have never traveled before. And to finalize their preferences they go through the reviews first of the place and nearby hotels.

There should be a good number of neutral reviews for user’s reference showcased on the mobile app for the travel agency. The mobile apps for travel should have a feature that enables users to post a review and share experience to make the app more dependable.

6. Integration of Payment Gateway in Travel App Development

A secured payment gateway should be integrated into travel mobile apps to make it accessible for travelers to make payments for flight booking or hotel accommodation. Such incorporated features in travel mobile app make it most opted for users as it provides convenience for users to search for tickets or hotel rooms and find the best possible deal to make the reservations.

7. Customer Service through Mobile App

An additional feature can be incorporated such as chat with agents in the travel mobile app. In case even if the agencies do not have enough support staff can implement AI-powered chatbots that offer 24/7 assistance to app users. When an option is available for users to discuss their inquiry with travel agency anytime and anywhere, they feel connected to the brand and this increases their chances of using it again for making reservations.

8. Support for Social Media Sharing

Social media is very strong and influential. The digital age people are more inclined towards sharing their travel experiences with social circle. If this same feature is catered by travel mobile app to share their experience with social media accounts!! There would be a self-advertisement of the travel company on the user end.

What is the Cost to Build a Travel App?

The most evident question, so let me tell you the cost of building a travel app with the above features depends on various factors like complexity, number of features, functionalities, technology, and platform. Just to give you a rough estimate of travel mobile app development will range approximately between $4K & $30K. Building the mobile app for travel agency needs substantial investment, however the results of this investment make app development a reasonable choice.

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